Thursday, June 22, 2017


When down to the dock each morning--
I often see this 'guy' come by for a quick visit--
He is a Boat Tailed Grackle
and yes he will 'steal' a peanut now and then--
Today he stood like this--
and then he did this--
Looked like a totally different bird really--
and a bit later-
I heard something up in the one branch over the ramp and looked up--
and seen a second one--
much smaller--
and he/she was also fluffing up her body--
and in the end--
the smaller one--looked almost as large as the adult one!!!!

Had both today--a female and a male cardinal--

and here is a different view--
Can you tell that we had a strong breeze coming off the river again today????

and took this photo as I came back across the street and started walking in the parking lot--
to come home--

Enjoy the moments, di

Friday, June 16, 2017


Look who was on the dock waiting for me this morning--
Hurry up and get down here--
and get that backpack off your back and opened--
and find that bag of peanuts--
I ain't got all day!!!!

Later I seen another momma duck--
with 9 little ones this time--these are younger than the ones from a couple days ago--
and I thought Lurch looked like he was 'cold' in this photo today--
but it was very hotttt-down there today--
in fact --
look at the river--
look how smooth it is--like glass!!

also took this photo--
the moon ---

Then late this afternoon we had a big thunder storm and heavy rain--
then around 8pm--I seen this part of a rainbow--
and talk about--
on a golden pond---though in this photo it looks pinkish!!!
and yes -- one duck found her way to the pond--even though it was past her bedtime!!!
and a colorful sunset--
Have a happy day tomorrow--

enjoy the moments of nature--di

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


you add rain and humidity and sun together????
Mushrooms--I do believe--

On the trail yesterday--
I first spotted this--
Looks like a snake had shed his skin along this tree base--
Then I started to walk away--
but something made me look back and I seen this--
a cute row of little mushrooms growing along the ridge of this stump--
and then I did spot some other groups of mushrooms growing along the trail--
and more of these tiny ones--
So I did good on the mushroom hunt!!!!

Enjoy the moments, di

Saturday, June 10, 2017


today down on the dock--
look what I spotted on the river--
a momma duck and 6 youngin's--
We have not had any babies in a year or more--
these guys were alot of fun to watch--
the baby's wanted to stay in the water--momma wanted to walk on the shore line-
crossing under the ramp --
then 2 babies found some bugs in the tree roots-
but momma and other 4 keep on swimming away--
soon the 2 little ones noticed this and boy did they take off--
and they easily caught up--

and I also spotted this large bug sitting on a tree down there--
Wonder what it is????

Also watched a Momma bird feeding a baby one--
Along with watching Russell feed 4 squirrels peanuts--
this one got tired I think and needed a rest--
so she stopped and 'enjoyed' looking a the yellow flowers that are growing on the sand--
So that was my time out in nature today--
did you get outside and see something neat????


Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Down at the dock we have had one smaller raccoon--
then this week Rocky showed up and has been around--
for the last couple days--
He was standing up 'begging' Russell for some peanuts--
(that is how we know he is Rocky--the smaller one doesn't stand up and look up on the ramp at us!!)
though the younger one goes along the beach shore and digs up all the peanuts that the squirrels just buried--silly critters!!)
so Russell went in and brought out a try of food for him--
and this time put it in a different area--
and I was able to get some photos of him eating--
He is 'shoveling' it in--think he was hungry????

This is different--
a large Blue Jay with a couple Mourning Doves--
actually sharing their food!!!
and a Cardinal came by--
today while down there--
a male Cardinal came right up me on the railing for a peanut--
that was fun!!!!
and a sunrise a couple mornings ago--
love it when they are sooo purple!!!

Always take time to --Enjoy some nature each day-di

Sunday, May 21, 2017


In my flower photos--
this morning I headed out the back door and
had to check out Nancy's garden-
and found some pretty Germanium's to photo--

These were in flower pots high off the ground in a wire stand--
something moved and caught my eye--
Hi Mr Snake--
I  will just be moving on now--!!!!!!

I also got a couple other photos--
think these are the only veggies that I seen growing right now out there--
but they are really nice looking--
Enjoy the moments, di
(unless you see a snake hissing at you--then run!!!)

Monday, May 8, 2017


On my walk on the trail out back on  Sunday--
I got some new critters photos--
first up was my first siting of the resident Rabbit--
I was so surprised to see him that it took me a minute
to think to take a photo--
He was probably trying to help himself  to Nancy's vegetable garden!!

Then soon after I was on the trail around the corner--
I seen something moving in the bushes and so stopped and watched--
and this is what I got--

An American Redstart--male--
I am not sure why that name--cause he is black and bright orange--
he stayed in the area for awhile and I just watched him--
he even jumped down to the sidewalk--
and was showing off--
maybe there was a female near by--
but did not see or hear any other birds--
This is the first time I have seen this bird!!

finally I walked on--
as I rounded the next corner--
my heart stopped cause there was a nice big black snake sunning himself --
just part of his tail was on the sidewalk--
and no I did not take his photo!!!!
I quietly edged my way around his tail and kept going--

after the next corner and nearer to where the trail meets the street--
I seen him--
the Pileated woodpecker--
only seen one of them so far this year--
remember that last year on my Birthday I had seen 2 of them for the first time--???
I did go looking on Saturday--but did not see them--
but here is one the next day--
so I can say that my walk on Sunday was delightful--
(ok--except for the snake!!!!)

Enjoy the moments, di