Wednesday, January 28, 2015


TO hear if you did January's challenge--
I know that some of you did it--
where are you??????

And here is where I am on my latest counted cross stitch project--
Here is the house that Di built--
and now we are working on doing some landscaping--
and are planning a large green tree next to the house!!!!

Smiles, diandmissgracie

Monday, January 26, 2015


And time for a Prize--
to arrive in your mail box---
for January's challenge--
So I need to know WHO got some organizing done this month and what you did!!!
You know that I got mine done-
and I know that alot of you where doing some kind of organizing this month--
maybe you did not get it all done--
but got a good start at what you wanted to do--
so leave me a comment--

Smiles, diandmissgracie

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Well--at least one circular set is not empty--
got another shawl finished late last night and off the needles--
now to get it blocked--
and now I really need to get another one finished that I have been working on for a couple years now--
yet some how more yarn as hopped into my knitting basket to start another shawl!!

 Winter is still very much with us--
so keep warm everyone--
and keep on Smiling--

Saturday, January 17, 2015


I got another counted cross stitch completed--
This one is now all stitched--
Please note the cute button that came with the chart that goes on the bunnies tail!!!
I did change the color of the scarf--I am not a big fan of most greens--so chose to do teals instead!!!
And I think I got this one started and finished in about a weeks time--!!!!!!

And I started a new one this morning-
This one uses silk thread--and even though it cost over $50 for the colors needed--
I did order them--hey--I would spent that much on fabric or yarn if the mood hit me--
and I really really love this cross stitch and the colors they used--so--
I bought the threads--they are really beautiful to work with--
and I did get this much done this morning after breakfast--
it is part of the house above the first row of windows and the door and I am stitching it right to left--
I always start my cross stitch with the center stitch and that was on the house--
so we will build us a house first!!!!

Are you keeping warm????
what are you working on?????
smiles, diandmissgracie

Thursday, January 15, 2015


My challenge for my own organization is now done--
and 'yes' it took me longer than I planned--
but redecorating projects always seem to take me longer--
Here is the new cleaned out look of my small--
very small closet--
This little closet holds all my fabric stash, my yarn stash, all my knitting items and books--
batting, and my laundry--I have 2 mesh half circle bags that hang on the wall  and hold my dirty clothes--one is for colored and one is for whites, that way when I go do the laundry--it is already sorted for me--but really large items like sheets don't fit--so they are folded and set on the floor!!

Here is the new 8 drawer cabinet--the top 2 drawers will hold patterns for his years bom's--
the other ones hold small patterns divided by season or subject--
and now there is 3 plastic drawer cabinets under the cutting table instead of 2--
the new one holds my felt/wool fabrics--though I did end up with a small tote of the larger pieces and it is in the small closet I just showed you--
and while I was at it--I ironed and hung up different curtains behind the cutting table and rehung up my cross stitch on the wall over the window--
and I like it much much better--
and as I showed on this small wire rack I put the smaller baskets of my the smaller pieces of fabric that I have divided by color on to the shelves with the larger quilt books and found this valance to cover them--looks springy and refreshing--

Now to get some work done--
have lots of embroidery designs I need to transfer onto fabric to stitch--
how is your challenge coming along???
I do see that some of you are working on it--
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


and it sure is appropriate for yesterday--

Helen is having trouble tying her scarf around her neck to keep warm--
during a late evening snow storm-
so she asks Di to help her!!
and as usual--
it seems that Di got it a bit toooo tight!!!
I really enjoyed stitching this--
as I couldn't help but smile the whole time I was working on it!!!

and here is what happened outside last night here--
we got about 3 inches I think and it is really bitter cold here today--!!
so in deciding which cross stitch project to start or wip to work on --
I have picked another snowman one to start--
wonder why???
Smiles, di and miss gracie

Saturday, January 10, 2015


the challenge

 and now I have a mess in the 2 other rooms!!!!
I did get this put together yesterday--
went together really easy--thank you!!!
the tall white thing is an air purtiering machine--
and this thing needed it--
those drawers are plastic and plastic always has a bad chemical smell!!!

Glad to hear that some are working on an organization project--
remember  this does not have to be a big job--
just any job that you think might make your sewing or crafting go more smoothly!!

Smiles from a cold New Yorker--di and miss gracie