Tuesday, March 28, 2017


today to walk the trail--
remember pinecone alley--
they have done some work on it--
cutting down some trees--
and not really cleaning anything up--booo!!
but I discovered that the 2 largest and very dead pine trees had not been touched--
so had to report that to the office--
but here is the neatest thing I seen on the trail today--
what a neat color--
I kinda had to stand on my head to get this shot!!!
You're welcome!!!

Down at the dock I got some new photos--
glass bottle in the water--but didn't see any 'message', in there!!
and see these 2 really sunshine bright spots--
I believe they are dolphins and the light is shinning off the water on them--
there were some of them playing closer to us too--

they are fun to watch--but out quiet a ways and even with the stronger lens are hard to capture on film--
a couple of ducks were about--
and 2 larger boats--going in opposite directions--
the weather was perfect today--
mid 80's and only a small breeze!!!

           enjoy the moments, di

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I think even here in Florida--
the birds hide in the winter--
but today as soon as I went out the back door--
to go down to the dock I seen, heard birds and started taking photos--
This is one of my best photos of a blue jay yet--
and look who is trying to cross the street and not get run over--
he takes the 'high' road--
some where on the railing to the dock too--

and another neat bird--Morning Dove--
a really nice one of a pair of cardinals--
couple of the black birds--they were really interested in something up high!!
and one very busy Red Bellied woodpecker in this tree--
and this one is a Hairy Woodpecker--
learned that the Downy and Hairy are very close--
but the Downy is bit smaller and has a smaller beak--
Lurch the blue heron flew by me--
and as I was getting back to the building--
this caught my eye--
I still say the bumble bees here in Fl are huge huge huge!!!!
So Happy Nature day--
enjoy the moments, di

Friday, February 24, 2017


We got some heavy and steady rain all day Wednesday--
so our "pond" out front is now a pond full of water again--
and I was watching 3 ducks eat and play--
and take a bath--it seems--
and here it looks like the male is looking at the female and saying--
'Harriet what are you tryin to do??"
while I was taking these photos something else caught my eye--
and I looked to the right--
and sitting up high in a tree was a blue heron!!
he was also watching the ducks and eyeing the pond--

I think he wanted to join them in the pond--
but decided not to and flew off--
back to the river--!!!

and here is a sunrise photo from a couple days ago--
enjoy the moments, di

Friday, February 17, 2017


I finally had some time today to walk  the trail
 and then venture on down to the dock

On the trail there was some birds playing around in the trees--
like way up high--
I am not sure what this bird is--
seems to have alot of yellow on him--
Here is some closer looks--
I really couldn't find any thing in the my bird books--
except maybe a Warbler--
can you help me???

and of course there is always these guys clowning around--
Blue jays--

when I got to the dock--
I had 2 friends waiting for me--

and they were hungry--
kept coming on down the ramp to the dock for peanuts in a shell--
and this guy kept me company for awhile--
He had 'snitched' a piece of bread that Russell had left for the raccoons-

and then in the water--
I seen these things today--
someones pink butterfly wind chimes--
wonder from how far away they floated in from???

and look at this shell--
I want that shell---
enjoy the moments, di

Monday, February 13, 2017


Here is a few more sail boating photos from this past week end--
These were taken down on the dock on Sunday morning--
they did all look like they were having fun out there--
          Enjoy the moments-di

Sunday, February 12, 2017


I have never been in a sail boat--
in fact-
any kind of boat scares me--!!!
But for the last 3 days we have been having sail boat races on the river--
these are all taken from my 3rd floor bedroom window--

and these are from the dock this morning--

And on the walk today--to the dock--
took these photos--
these are on a bush near the path--
Mr. W making alot of noise while looking for his breakfast--
and a white heron looking for lunch!!

Enjoy the moments, di

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I was at the bedroom window the other day--
tracing some designs onto fabric
(the window is my light box!!)
and seen this 'silly' Osprey--

Yep--that's him--
way up there in the top of that tree--
now that top of the tree was thin--
and it kept swaying while he was on it--
I do believe he was trying to eat his lunch up there--
how he stayed on it--
while he was doing that and not fall off--
was a 'feat' in itself!!

and who says that Fall isn't here in Florida--
(course it takes all Fall and winter to get to this color--)
top of a tree from the bedroom window--

and today on the trail---
and I seen this down on the beach by our dock today--
any ideas what this is??????????????
I am clueless---
Enjoy the moments, di