Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I seen this movie a couple years ago--
and totally fell in love with the characters and the movie itself--
and have seen it a couple times now and it always makes me happy --
I have looked for it many times in stores but as it is a old movie --
I could not find it--

DD was looking for another movie and when I ordered my vacuum cleaner from Walmart, I decided to check with there online movies and started jumping for joy--
as they had this one and DD movie so we are both happy campers now--

I have also knitted a couple more baby sweaters--
have done another one the same color as in the last post--
and nearly have one done in a new color combo--
smiles, di

Sunday, August 30, 2015


About the only crafty/quilty--
 thing that I could manage to do this past month was to knit--
so I did get some more sweaters done--
I did like the way this one came out into stripes--
can't find the other photos and who knows if I even took any more photos with all the packing and such I did--
smiles, di

Friday, August 7, 2015


Lady bug oh lady bug where are you???
Oh there you are with a couple of your friends!!!
I did like working with this new yarn it is from Turkey and is 100% cotton-
it knitted up beautifully--
only had a problem with the pooling on the sleeves and would of done them differently if I had
been paying attention!!!
this one I did for the yarn shop for a model for them!!
and they gave me another skein of yarn to knit another sweater for charity--
so happy knitting to me!!!

Friday, July 31, 2015


is done--
a baby sweater--
got this 100% cotton yarn at Hobby Lobby and it is made in Turkey--
I was not really happy with it--
it really feel like acrylic  yarn and is a bit on the heavy side--
but the worst part was that on both skeins there was 'piecing' of  the yarn that I had to work around--
which meant more ends to work in later!!!boooo!!!

While at the yarn shop last week they gave me a pretty green variegated  yarn--
also that is made in Turkey--
and I have started another sweater in that yarn and so far do really like it--
it feels lighter weight and is knitting up better-and it still is 100% cotton yarn--
so we will see????
but aren't these duck buttons just the cutest???
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I got a total of 7 baby sweaters knitted and 6 hats for the sweaters--
and walked them over to the yarn shop for them to give to a charity--
and I have another sweater started--
the yarn is from Hobby Lobby and is 100% cotton from Turkey--
was just under $4 a skein--
at the Yarn shop they had just gotten some new baby yarn in from Turkey and it is 100% cotton, but is over $8 a skein, but she gave me a skein to knit a sweater up in it to see if I liked working with it--
I got me some work to do as I have to finish the one on the needles first!!!!
smiles diandmissgracie

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The pile of fabrics have anew home--

nearly all of it when to my friend Anne home--
she makes lots and lots of quilts for hospice--
and then the big stack of boxes and rummage sale things went to friend Denise's home--

where she will add it to a rummage sale she is having in a couple weeks--
so my dinning room area looks empty--
well--that is until you look at the table and discover that you can't see the top of it--
nor any dresser tops in the bedroom--
so it looks like I still have a bit of work to do around here--

I do manage to find time nearly everyday to do some photos though-
so here is a few to tie you over--

Monday, July 6, 2015


I decided in looking at what stuff I had decided I had to keep--
that it was still tooooo much--
so spent the holiday week end resorting and adding to the 'get rid' of pile--
and ended up mostly in the walk in closet where my fabric and craft things are kept--
look at this pile--
there is alot of fabric here-
but then I did have a thought--
and for once it was 'before' I was sorry--
I remembered all the quilt tops that I had yet to hand quilt that would need backing--
and that backing was probably here in this pile--so I spent part of Sunday going through my quilt tops and measuring them and going back though this pile to find their backings--
so now unless I need to purchase wider backings I have them all matched up--
good for me!!!!
and boy is my friend Anne going to have fun tomorrow going through all these to see what she can use in her hospice quilts she makes!!!