Thursday, October 19, 2017


Even though the dock is still not open--
the trail now is--for the 2nd time!!
and I did walk it late afternoon today--
and I had couple interesting friends waiting for me--
first was this guy--
a really pretty blue dragon fly-- Mr. Blue--
he kept hanging around and landing on green leaves for me to take  his photo--
he was quite the show-off!!

then further on the trail--
a friend of his joined me-
Mr Green Jeans--he was busy though and didn't stay long!!
then around the corner I found some pretty flowers--
and then around another corner--
I was happy to see these--
one huge mushroom-
shading and protecting some smaller ones--
the smaller ones must be her kids!!!

and I found these out in Nancy's garden and they really looked like Fall to me!!!


Wednesday, October 4, 2017


 I did go for a short walk this morning--
when I thought the sun was shinning,
but by the time I grabbed the camera and got to the back door--
it was under a cloud again!!
but look--
I did get some really nice close up's of my little wood pecker-

he was finding his lunch in that branch by the looks of things--
and then a bit further I found a squirrel to talk to--
he was climbing  up this lattice--
and when I talked to him--
turned around--I think he thought I had some peanuts on me--
but I was in a hurry 'not' to miss the sun--which I did anyways!!!

We got more rain today--
but nothing heavy--just lots of short showers--
all this water--
and we don't have any right now--been shut off for about 2 hours so far--
there is a water break right now the street--
Irma was really not good to us around here!!!!!
and then all this additional rain--!!!!

My poor river looks and acts angry--
and it has been like this for about 3-4 days so far--
I said it is 'angry' cause of all the sewage that the town right across from here dumped into it during Irma--they said they had to do it (millions of gallons) or it would back up into peoples homes--
and now for days the wind has been strong and causing high waves coming from the ocean--east of us and so now all that 'stuff' is probably on your shore now--Boooo!!!

We have not even had any ducks or wild life on our pond--
for the last 3 days or so--current even here is bad!!!

OK--sun where are you???
This is Florida--remember!!!!
Enjoy the moments, di

Sunday, October 1, 2017


 We got some rain on Friday--
but today has been almost non-stop rain--
but even in the rain--
there was visitors and photos to take--
I believe this visitor to our pond is a Tri-colored Heron!!
This one is a Snowy Egret--
and I think it is my first photo of one!?
the one on the left is a Little Blue Heron--
and then there is always some of these --
the mallard ducks--only seen about 3 of them today--
You can not see any of this tall grass in the pond tonight--
that is how much rain we have gotten and how high the pond is!!!

and what do humans do a rainy day--
you 'try' to have sail boat races--even in the rain and wind--
but they did not sail for long--unfortunately for them--

and look at this tree--
it was stripped bare by Irma and in only 2 weeks--
yep--just 2 weeks it is loaded with new leaves--

Take care--
enjoy the moments, even in the rain!! Di

Sunday, September 24, 2017


this morning when I walked out the back door and headed out the back parking lot--
and as I turned to walk the rest of the parking lot to the street--
I encountered 3 Blue Jays--
and as I had placed a bag of peanuts in my pocket--
I threw one--
and down they swooped--
I know there was at least 3 of them--
maybe more--
" hey-guys I got one"--

" hey --me toooo!!!"
"ok--where is mine??"

and just a couple minutes later--
I had some other company--
2 male cardnials--
and at least one female--again think there was 2 of them--
so I shelled a couple peanuts and left pieces on the curbing for them--
" These are for me??? thanks lady--miss you being down on the dock--
we are hungry--
(notice how the cardinals are mottling)
and not to be outdone by the feathered critters--
a couple of these guys showed up--
"Ok--Lady we are hungry toooo!!!!"

So I got to see that my 'critters' all made it through Irma too--and that was a good feeling--
and so life goes on--

                  Enjoy the moments, di

Sunday, August 20, 2017


I finally got a photo of a different dragon fly the other day--
this one had golden wings and a copper body--
and when the sun shines on his wings--
they sparkle just like gold--very very  pretty--

Today's time down on the dock-
I had the following company--
one squirrel who had a 'feast' eating for the other 2 that didn't show up!!!
2 Blue Jays--
a pair of Cardinals--
and I did see the Raccoon--but he was hidden and was very busy eating his breakfast --
(that I am sure was left there by Russell)
and then this guy kept me entertained for a bit--
a King Fisher--he had caught a good sized fish--
and he kept beating it again the tree branch--
either he was trying to make sure it was dead-
or he was 'tenderizing' it so it would go down better!!!!!
Lurch, the Blue Heron flew in for some breakfast--
and I got to watch these 2 swim around--
dolphins--they have been around all week
but usually out in the middle of the river--
but today they were up closer to the dock so I could watch them--
by the time I come in from the dock-
I am soaking wet--the humidity is really bad here this summer--
but it is worth it, I guess!!!

Enjoy the moments, di

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


When Camera and I went for out for our,
 walk around the trail--
we seen this--
a really pretty ruffly all white mushroom--

Then when I got down on the dock--
we found this to take a photo of--
a couple white feathers in the water--
and a --
little a bit further away--
a smaller white feather--

we did not even have one squirrel show up today--
only one red cardinal and one blue jay--
that flew in grabbed a bit of bread that Russell had put down and flew out--

enjoy the moments, di

Monday, August 7, 2017


These are just 2 stalks outback in Nancy's garden--
she grows them in pots even!!!

So here is to everyone to have a great 'sunshiny week'--
enjoy the moments, di