Friday, February 16, 2018


Farmer's Market over in Wickham Park--
was the 2nd week in a row that I went over there--
as we were leaving the first time--
I seen some animal pens near by--
so this week--
I made sure to take the camera and just walked myself over there--
and I was delighted to see some of the animals--
chickens, geese, and turkeys--
but oh my some of them were really different and 'pretty'!!!!!!
now this chicken did not look all that different--

some of them were--
--- all colors and designs really--
I just loved this guy--
look at the fluff on the top of his head--
and it was soo long that he kept shaking it to get it out of his eyes--
I just wished the fencing wasn't so thick and so high--
oh well--
see there is another one of those fluffy headed ones in the middle of this photo--
the next large pen had geese--
and they were loud--

and in the last cage was some turkeys--
and I had alot of fun watching this turkey--
get turned in circles by the other smaller turkey--
see her there??
and they turned around and around--

He had some pretty tail feathers that he kept showing off--
they did make me dizzy--though watching them--
and this is looking back to the building were the farmer's market was--
do have to say--their produce is just beautiful--huge heads of cauliflower,
broccoli, bunches of beets and carrots--strawberries--ect--

enjoy, di

Monday, February 12, 2018


Over the week end I noticed that something was missing--
the wood sign that told us to stay out was gone---
but did not make it down to have a look around until this afternoon--
good sized sand bar a ways out from the shore  line--
the beach area's are still there--
I wasn't sure what I would find as the river has looked 'rough' for weeks now--
the water is a really bad color right now--muddy I guess you would say-yet we have
had no rain to make it look muddy--
someone said we are having 'red tide'--
not sure what that is or what causes it--
all I know that for 2-3 weeks now the 'air' here has been really bad--
not really 'smelly' like fish--
it is more of a chemical smell--
and my 'body' has decided it doesn't like it--oh well!!
I did see foot prints of what I am betting is still some raccoons in the sand--
and then  I spotted this--
leaf impressions--I guess--I thought these were really neat--
and as I walked back up the ramp to leave--
I seen this---
look really close--on the left hand side of the ramp--
I do not believe this was a actual snake--
as it had to 'wiggle' it's way across the ramp--then it slide off the ramp unto the dirt/grass area--
it was kinda of interesting to watch it doing that movement!!!!

Enjoy, di

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Well--I got me another finish for the month of Feb--

Here is the spring row by row in wool from last year--
Right now it is just pinned to the wall--
still have an idea on how I want to display these--
just not been any where's to look for what I want!!

And I am angry--
Look at this--
Wait what is that--??
it looks like US 1 is right at the end of our sidewalk--
and basically --now it is!!!
The nice fencing that was all the way along our path in the back took a hit during Irma--
so we knew they would replace it--
but look at what else they did --
in order to replace it--

this standing at the end of that side walk--looking south--
looking north--
all those neat vines and shrubs--
got dug up and thrown away--
I do not believe all this destruction was necessary--
to put in a new fence--
it looks soooo Naked now!!
so now who wants to walk that trail???
gotta go--kids are here for supper and it is not cooked yet--ouch!!!

Enjoy, di

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Boy with still not having the dock open--
and too many 'not' tenants on the trail these days--
my nature photos are few and far between--
but yesterday when I went out for a walk--
I seen this bird on a wire over head--
so you see him-????
I thought I knew what kind of bird it was--
until I cropped it and say this one instead--
a Blue Jay!!!!
and on a different day--
at the end of the building I seen this one--
my friends the woodpecker!!

and some pretty flowers in Carolyn's garden--
This is a neat tall pot--
love this color--almost as much as the purple ones!!
Enjoy, di

Monday, January 22, 2018


outside today to walk the trail--
but let me tell you--
there really wasn't much to take photos of
right now--
found some pretty red berries--
and this plant--
that I think has went to seed--
and then as I turned the corner to keep going on the loop--
I seen this--
someone napping on  one of our benches--
pretty sure that is not one of our tenants--
not with a 'boom' box that large!!!
so did a quick 'u-turn' and came back to the complex--!!!

the sun did feel good and it was nice and bright and warm out--
so that was good--
but the cold here has had an effect on all the flowers and plants--
is it spring yet????

Enjoy, di

Sunday, January 14, 2018


One day last week or so ago--
as I was coming in the main door downstairs--
I spotted this 'bug'
and all I had with me was my trac-phone--
so I pulled it out and used the camera feature and took a photo--
then I 'forgot' about it until two days ago--
and what a hunt I went on trying to find it--
I thought it was on one of my other '2' cameras--
before I remembered the phone one--
then I had to try to figure out how to get it onto the computer--
and thanks to a bit of help from my son last night--
here it is!!!

Then I had to look it up to see what kind of  'bug' it was--
and it is really a moth---
a Red Winged Tiger Moth--
wonder if he was wanting a taste of the red poinsettia's inside the lobby???

Have a great week-di

Saturday, December 30, 2017


for probably the last post for 2017--
a really bright tiger lily--
pretty white asylum--
not sure--but they are pretty--
and purple--
wonderful purple pansies--
yep-- I love pansies--
and I found these bright yellow ones on the back side of this big planter--
with some white petunia's--
and up by the front door--a pot of white and red inpatients!!!