Sunday, May 21, 2017


In my flower photos--
this morning I headed out the back door and
had to check out Nancy's garden-
and found some pretty Germanium's to photo--

These were in flower pots high off the ground in a wire stand--
something moved and caught my eye--
Hi Mr Snake--
I  will just be moving on now--!!!!!!

I also got a couple other photos--
think these are the only veggies that I seen growing right now out there--
but they are really nice looking--
Enjoy the moments, di
(unless you see a snake hissing at you--then run!!!)

Monday, May 8, 2017


On my walk on the trail out back on  Sunday--
I got some new critters photos--
first up was my first siting of the resident Rabbit--
I was so surprised to see him that it took me a minute
to think to take a photo--
He was probably trying to help himself  to Nancy's vegetable garden!!

Then soon after I was on the trail around the corner--
I seen something moving in the bushes and so stopped and watched--
and this is what I got--

An American Redstart--male--
I am not sure why that name--cause he is black and bright orange--
he stayed in the area for awhile and I just watched him--
he even jumped down to the sidewalk--
and was showing off--
maybe there was a female near by--
but did not see or hear any other birds--
This is the first time I have seen this bird!!

finally I walked on--
as I rounded the next corner--
my heart stopped cause there was a nice big black snake sunning himself --
just part of his tail was on the sidewalk--
and no I did not take his photo!!!!
I quietly edged my way around his tail and kept going--

after the next corner and nearer to where the trail meets the street--
I seen him--
the Pileated woodpecker--
only seen one of them so far this year--
remember that last year on my Birthday I had seen 2 of them for the first time--???
I did go looking on Saturday--but did not see them--
but here is one the next day--
so I can say that my walk on Sunday was delightful--
(ok--except for the snake!!!!)

Enjoy the moments, di

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


I seen some new things on the trail on my walk on Tuesday--
It is always a treasure hunt to see how many morning glory blooms I can find--
kinda hit the jackpot --seen 6-7 on this day--

and then on the sidewalk I discovered these '2'--
Not sure if they was fighting or ????????
they did run off when I got too close--

My 'friends' where waiting for me--
in fact I ended up with '8' --that's a record I think!!!!

and I loved how this one held his tail--in the 'V' shape--
first time I seen them do it that way--

and then a nice surprise in the river just before I left--
a shark--
no just a large dolphin--
but up closer to the dock than I had ever seen them--there was 2 of them--
and they were having fun catching little fishes!!!!

and some pretty yellow flowers by our entrance that are being guarded by the kitten!!!

Enjoy the moments,di

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Here is some photo's from a morning walk down to the dock--
don't look now--

Squirrel crossing---

Lurch is looking for breakfast--

a neat looking piece of drift wood--

Wonder if he sees a fish??
And a bit of 'red' for color!!

Enjoy the moments, di

Thursday, April 20, 2017


I did get down to the dock--
like 2 days in a row I think--
last week--before the strong wind came back--
so here is some random photos--
a 'zillion' baby fish had hatched--or whatever it is they do!!!
a few bigger ones here and there--
a great big one or two-
and a huge stingray swam by!!!!

and lots of squirrels--counted 7 at one time--usually there is 4 or less that come!!
this little guy followed me all the way down the ramp--
and I noticed that he had one bad foot--
but it sure didn't stop him from begging for peanuts--
he ate his share and then some--
Even Mrs C came by and said 'hello'--

And today I got this photo--
some birds have built a nest inside the bushes that are outside our sun room-
so I was able to get a photo of the eggs when momma left for a couple minutes--
here is the flowers on that hedge--


Thursday, April 6, 2017


down on the dock--
I actually had a squirrel follow me all the way down the ramp to the dock area and
then sit there and wait while I opened the backpack to get  him a peanut--
then I did my 'seed' piles on the railings
and when I looked back I had 6-7 squirrels--that's a crowd!!!!

But this squirrel was the funny one--
he/she kept coming down for a peanut--
and then he/she would do this--
and just lay there for a minute or two--
before getting up and running off to hide his treasure--
even this guy looked at him funny--
"what is that squirrel doing, di??"

up north these --grow wild--Queen Anne Lace--
down here Nancy grows them in a pot in her garden out back--!!!!

And I noticed 'hurt Rockie" (we think he got hit by a car crossing the road about 3 months ago--
he drags his back hind legs now--but he still gets around pretty good )
so I threw him some peanuts and he looked so happy--

So have you made any wild life creatures happy today???
Enjoy the moments, di

Monday, April 3, 2017


I did not take any of these photos--
they all came from our local paper--
the Florida Today--
I did see these planes come in the day they arrived--
they are 'Patrouille De France jets--
and are very colorful--
they have not been to one of the local air shows in 31 years!!
and they love the colors red, white and blue--
between their planes and color of there acts!

and here is some other jets--
and planes--
this bottom one looks 'tricky'???

and here is a cute plane--
I would of loved to have been able to have gone to see the actual show on at least one of the days--

Enjoy the moments, di