Sunday, October 16, 2016


My camera likes to take photos of kids--
and it did find some 'cuties' at the Aquarium--
my camera spotted these 2 as we were standing in line--

one girl is posing in front of a glass tank--the other one is too busy watching some fish--

In the first photo the gal is doing all kinds of pose's for her dad--then along came her mother with her sister!!
I just fell in love with little guy--I do believe his parents have taught him not to touch things and that is why he kept his hands behind his back--

and as we were leaving the Aquarium there was a nice area outside with flowers and such and this little guy was having a ball with his new bubble gun!!!

Then on the way home on Sunday--
we stopped in a McDonalds for DD's coffee and I seen this gal--
And I fell in love with her hair--
she was very friendly and we talked about her hair for a bit--
she said her Mom does all the corkscrew curls--
this is all her own hair--no fillers or extensions--
I wonder how long her hair is 'before' her mom starts curling it????
love and laughter, di

Saturday, September 17, 2016


As I walked down the pier this morning--
to the dock area--I could not believe my eyes--
cause directly out from the dock was a group of dolphins playing--
there was 4-5 in this group and they were having a ball out there--
and if you have ever tried to take photos of dolphins on the water--
you know that they are very hard to get good photos of them--
they are very fast moving creatures and don't come above the water often--
 but for the most part I was happy with today's photos--
after several photos--(about 150 shots)
I got my other critters fed their sunflower seeds and sat on the dock and knitted a while--
now when I went out there--
there was the usual fluffy cloud here and there--
but all of sudden sitting there knitting--
I felt sprinkles--yet when I looked around all I could see was blue sky--
then it began to rain--
yep--the rain cloud was directly over the dock--luckily the dock is covered and I always have a plastic bag with me to cover  the camera--and these kind of storms down here--
 don't last but a few minutes--
Love and Laughter, di

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


on my trips outside lately--
Like today--I got to photograph 2 different kinds of flying creatures--
that I probably would not have even noticed if I was not into photography--
first was this Bee--on a sunflower--

I was just taking photos of this sunflower out back--
when it has a visitor--
Look closely--
it is bright green and blue--
sure looks nothing like the bees we had in NY--

And coming back across the street from being down on the dock--
I spotted a butterfly--
so I went chasing it across the grass--
And talking about butterflies--
when I am down sitting on the dock and looking up towards the road and where I feed the birds and squirrels, I have noticed that there is always white and yellow butterflies flying though--but they never spot for me take a photo--
until yesterday-

And in the water, down to the dock,  this week I got to photograph
a Florida Blue crab--
Actually there was a couple of them playing around and chasing each other!!

Thanks for letting me share some of photos with you--
love and laughter, di

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I tell everyone now that my camera is my 'dog'--
and I have to take it for a walk everyday--
and everyone sees me walking out the door around 11am
each day with it around my neck--
so here is some highlights from those walks--
this butterfly knew I wanted to take it's photo so it stopped and spread his wings and let me 'snap' away!! I was sure to say ' thank you' as I left !!
Purple flowers in the hedges around the building--
Horseshoe crab in the water at the shore down at the dock--
it was picking up something in the sand and eating it--fun to watch--
Two birds keeping an eye on me while at the dock--
they are wondering if they came down and look sad --
would they get me to give them a peanut!!
and my favorite one lately--over the week end I saw Lurch catch and eat 2 sting-rays!!
that was a surprise for me--
wonder what the camera will catch the next trip out???
Oh and I caught this photo inside the other night around midnight--
the moon giving the river a path of golden light--
do have trouble taking nightime photos--and the color is off--it was really more of a orange moon and a orange path!! loved seeing it--
love and laughter, di

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


As you know I pretty much take the camera for a walk every day--
so here is just some of the hundred or so a week I take on those walks--

don't you just love the Florida Sunshine!!
another residents garden area!!

I am Mr. Cardinal--Di's favorite bird!!

love how these clouds look like rays!!
O kay where is my sunflower seeds???

Love and Laughter, di

Thursday, June 23, 2016


This plant only opens in the evening--
very late evening--like about 10 pm for it to be fully open--
so here is my adventure one night last week trying to get a photo of this flower fully open--

when I moved here, I seen these cactus looking plants that where climbing up some of the trees around here--and thought it was odd--
this spring I learned online on someones blog site that they have flowers--
so I began to take more notice of them--
then I began to see these little white fuzzy balls of 'cotton' on the vines--
see--don't they look like cotton balls??
But then last week I noticed they had grown longer--
and I mean longer--
So on Wednesday night a week ago,
 I realized that some would probably flower that night--
so starting about 8 pm I went out and started taking photos about every 15 minutes--
another 10- 15 minutes--

Ohhh--I see some yellow stuff inside it--
and later--it is more open--
but now there is a thunder storm in the air!!
and it is getting really close--
so at this point I had to come inside for half hour--
but decided to brave it and go out one more time--
and this is what I got after it did rain during that half hour--

but still not completely open--
have seen several that opened, since, but they close up at sunrise--
and have not been out after 10 pm to get a photo of one completely open--
don't want the 'boogieman' to get me being out alone at that time of night--
but I am happy with the this one--if I don't get an fully open one!!!!

Now I have seen this flower on line a couple different times now and some say it forms fruit--
yet that bloom does look a bit different to me--though the same color--
so I don't know--well keep watching to see what all the dead blooms do?????
Thanks for going on this adventure with me!!

love and laughter, di

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


When it comes to raccoons???
We have been feeding one down at the dock in the woods for a while now--
but a couple days ago--
I made the discovery of a second adult one--
so here is Rocky 1--
and here is Rocky 2--
they both like sunflower seeds and peanuts--
that is what I feed them--
another tenant feeds them bread and food scraps!!
still no new siting of the babies!!

a view of the river from down the street--
seen the full arch of a rainbow the other night from the bedroom window--
and here is pair of 'Boat tailed Grackles'  the black one is larger and is the male and his head and upper body are shades of turquoise--really pretty--
the brown one is a female and much smaller--
and yes they like peanuts too!!
love and laughter, di