Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Some photos from the last couple of weeks--
on my walks around the building here--
I was sitting on the bench in Carols garden--
when loook who popped by--
"Hey Lady--you have any peanuts in your pocket--"
Ah maybe she didn't see me--
so I will get closer to her--
'Lady-can't you see me????  Peanuts please!!!"
Ok a bit closer--
unfortunately--I had no peanuts in my pocket that day--
it never fails--when I remember to take them--
they don't show--
and when I forget they do show up!!!!

So take time to enjoy some nature today--
it's out there just waiting for you--

Friday, June 22, 2018


Turkey Vulture--playing in the air currents in the clouds this morning!!

Swallow tailed kite
another bird that was circling around in the  sky this morning--
so others joined these two--
but they were smaller birds and harder to photograph!!

Enjoy, di

Friday, June 8, 2018


Just some odds and ends of photos over the last week or so--
new colors of glads in Nancy's garden--
sunset on the river-
Ollie--the other Diane's little dog
more flowers in Nancy's garden--
she use to grow some veggies out there--
but lately just flowers is all I see!!
some flowers in Carolyn's garden in the front--
Enjoy, di

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Deep purple glads
some pretty pink and red flowers in Nancy's garden out back--
2 male ducks (think one is not a full grown one yet!!)
out back on the trail--they seemed to be watching US1 and all the traffic--
(as we still don't have a fence put up out there--!!!)
a mama duck and 10 babies out on the pond bank in the front--
(sadly the last time I seen her--she only had 2 babies left!!)
an Osprey flew by and landed up high in that tree--

on happy squirrel with a peanut!!

Enjoy a bit of nature someplace today--di

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


I got a phone call from the manager here at 8:30 am--
that there was baby ducks on the pond--
you know me--I left my breakfast on the table--
grabbed the big camera and ran downstairs --by way of the elevator!!!
and there was Momma duck and 7 babies--
but I think they looked a bit more like they were in the 'teenager' stage--
momma, was so funny--as she nagged  quacked at them the whole time--
but just like human kids--they just did their own thing!!!

Bugs--look at these bugs!!!
Yummy yummy!!!
Ok--think it is time for a nice nap in the grass--
tired after all that swimming around and eating!!!
I think these 2 adult ducks where Aunts to the teenagers!!!


Thursday, April 26, 2018


I am so happy to say that we finally had a couple days--
with storms passing through that gave us some "good"  rain--
and the 'pond' out front filled in--
and one time looking out--
I was amazed and happy to catch this 'guy'
so who am I???
a green heron--and a rather large one--compared to the one that landed on the railing
down on the dock that day a couple years ago--
He had fun out by the pond for awhile--

a couple ducks did show up for a bit too the next day--
but when I first moved here--we would get close to a dozen ducks on the pond
when it rained--how things change--

and when I went for a short walk this afternoon--
I did notice how much some of the plants have grown and how nice and green they are now--
Enjoy, di

Monday, April 9, 2018


I love how the sun when it comes up in the morning reflects off the water--
Busy river time by the looks--
flowers that grow in the large ditch next to the building
(probably part of my allergies right now??)
thought this branch looked 'neat' and odd --
I think the vine is what is holding it up there!!!
Neat petunia flower--love the red center--
and Mr. Jay--

Enjoy a bit of nature every day--