Thursday, July 20, 2017


We have had t-storms for a couple days in a row late afternoon this week--
so our pond out front is really full---

But yesterday morning when I was down to the dock--
-- it was very humid down there--so I almost came back up--
but before I did--something new caught my eye in a dead tree--
that hangs out over the water--
I have seen alot of Ibis and heron's sitting on this tree--
but this time the object was much smaller--
and every so often it would fly down to the water and back again--
So I took several photos and came home and down loaded them and cropped them--
to see 'who' I had photographed--
and looky here--
we have a Belted Kingfisher--
yea--another different type of bird for my album!!!!
well--worth the 'sweating' to take his photo!!!!!

And a couple days before this while I was down there--
Rocky and family showed up--
So I had some more fun taking their photos while Russell threw them down some peanuts!!!

Enjoy the moments, di

Sunday, July 16, 2017


I had not been able to go down on the dock--
since Tuesday morning--
but finally got there mid morning--
and here is a few things I seen--
Morning glories and other flowers out in Nancy's garden out the back door--
yellow wild sweet peas on one side of the ramp going down to the dock--
and pink wild sweet peas on the other side!!!
Mr. O--our one osprey was flying around over the river when I got there--
he must of been looking for a mid morning snack--
I was sitting there on the dock knitting when I spotted these 5 black birds fly in
and land on the high wire along the road--
a man playing with his 2 big black dogs--
he would throw a stick in the water and they would go and get it--
they had alot of energy!!!
and look who I seen when I came back across the street to go home????
Hey Rocky--you belong on the other side of the road!!!
and we have to have at least one of these photos--


Wednesday, July 5, 2017


THIS morning--
I was visiting with Russell and we were feeding our squirrels and birds--
When we seen a 'black' streak run under the ramp--
we realized it was Mrs Rocky and
3 babies--Russell had not put our any food for a couple days--
once she realized there wasn't anything--
her and the babies run back under the ramp--
but I knew they loved peanuts and Russell had a whole bag--
so I ran up the ramp part way and called her--
and would you believe she came back with the babies--
and we threw down some peanuts--
and they were sooo hungry--
this is Rocky with 2 of the babies--
one baby was really friendly--
That or he was really hungry--
the other 2 would run out and grab a peanut and go hide--
but this one stayed right there near Mom and grabbed and ate his share of the peanuts!!!

July 3rd some of ladies where down on the dock waiting for a shuttle to go up--
which it didn't--and I seen some nice cloud formations--
and a bit later we had a nice sunset--

enjoy the moments--di

Thursday, June 22, 2017


When down to the dock each morning--
I often see this 'guy' come by for a quick visit--
He is a Boat Tailed Grackle
and yes he will 'steal' a peanut now and then--
Today he stood like this--
and then he did this--
Looked like a totally different bird really--
and a bit later-
I heard something up in the one branch over the ramp and looked up--
and seen a second one--
much smaller--
and he/she was also fluffing up her body--
and in the end--
the smaller one--looked almost as large as the adult one!!!!

Had both today--a female and a male cardinal--

and here is a different view--
Can you tell that we had a strong breeze coming off the river again today????

and took this photo as I came back across the street and started walking in the parking lot--
to come home--

Enjoy the moments, di

Friday, June 16, 2017


Look who was on the dock waiting for me this morning--
Hurry up and get down here--
and get that backpack off your back and opened--
and find that bag of peanuts--
I ain't got all day!!!!

Later I seen another momma duck--
with 9 little ones this time--these are younger than the ones from a couple days ago--
and I thought Lurch looked like he was 'cold' in this photo today--
but it was very hotttt-down there today--
in fact --
look at the river--
look how smooth it is--like glass!!

also took this photo--
the moon ---

Then late this afternoon we had a big thunder storm and heavy rain--
then around 8pm--I seen this part of a rainbow--
and talk about--
on a golden pond---though in this photo it looks pinkish!!!
and yes -- one duck found her way to the pond--even though it was past her bedtime!!!
and a colorful sunset--
Have a happy day tomorrow--

enjoy the moments of nature--di

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


you add rain and humidity and sun together????
Mushrooms--I do believe--

On the trail yesterday--
I first spotted this--
Looks like a snake had shed his skin along this tree base--
Then I started to walk away--
but something made me look back and I seen this--
a cute row of little mushrooms growing along the ridge of this stump--
and then I did spot some other groups of mushrooms growing along the trail--
and more of these tiny ones--
So I did good on the mushroom hunt!!!!

Enjoy the moments, di

Saturday, June 10, 2017


today down on the dock--
look what I spotted on the river--
a momma duck and 6 youngin's--
We have not had any babies in a year or more--
these guys were alot of fun to watch--
the baby's wanted to stay in the water--momma wanted to walk on the shore line-
crossing under the ramp --
then 2 babies found some bugs in the tree roots-
but momma and other 4 keep on swimming away--
soon the 2 little ones noticed this and boy did they take off--
and they easily caught up--

and I also spotted this large bug sitting on a tree down there--
Wonder what it is????

Also watched a Momma bird feeding a baby one--
Along with watching Russell feed 4 squirrels peanuts--
this one got tired I think and needed a rest--
so she stopped and 'enjoyed' looking a the yellow flowers that are growing on the sand--
So that was my time out in nature today--
did you get outside and see something neat????