Saturday, November 18, 2017


And no--it is not really 'open'
I just know how to get around the closed sign--
as it really is safe to go down the ramp and be on the dock--
and that is all I am going to say on that matter--

seen lots down there today--
Called my friends and some came quickly--
on the right side of the railings--
and this one on the left side--
and a third one kept coming all the way down the ramp for peanuts!!!
In the water I seen this huge fish--
or was he a baby shark????
and in this photo--it almost looks like he might have a stingray in his mouth????

and seen Lurch as he flew by-
and out in the middle of the river--
a couple dolphins where playing--
and on the beach--
yep a bit of beach is showing now--
 Rocky left proof that she is still around--
(plus I seen Russell taking food down the bank for them the other day!!)
and --

I did not know that there was such a huge mansion near by--
this used to be hidden--before Irma--
they must of lost alot of trees to be able to see it so clearly now!!
and just before I left--
a couple more of my friends dropped by--
Never even heard them--for Blue Jays they were really quiet today!!!
It was a perfect day down there today--could of stayed there all day--
only--no bathroom!!!!

enjoy the moments, di

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I guess --
in not taking the camera out each day--
like I used to when I went to the dock each day--
but I grabbed the camera this morning just like I used to and headded out--
found these in Nancy's garden out back--

and on the trail I seen these--
which are really a bud-- yet--
but I like these like this cause when they open they are so skinny and not as pretty!!
and another mushroom--
and remember the huge one I showed you on that tree stump a while ago--
here is what it looked like today--
still kinda neat looking!!!

and this afternoon when I went to the bedroom window to look out--
I seen this flock of ducks--
at least I think they are some sort of duck--
largest group I have seen here in  a very long time!!!

****Don't forget to pay attention to nature--
there is so much to notice and enjoy out there--

enjoy the moments, di

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


I was sure--
that I spotted a bird fly unto this broken off tree--
Now doesn't that look like a bird sitting there on top of that stump???
when I cropped the photo to see 'what' kind of bird it was--
I got this--
No bird--
but doesn't that look like an 'eye' and part of a face!!!!??????????????

Enjoy the moments, di

Friday, October 27, 2017


 There was a ton of dragonfly's on the trail today--
I still do walk the trail, even though the dock is still closed-
booo!!!  I really miss my time down there--oh welll---
First though I see these 2 on the back trail--
a Mr and Mrs Cardinal --
I did throw them a shelled peanut--but they flew off--
afraid of what was coming at them, I guess--
and I think this photo came out really neat--
see the dragonfly's shadow--????
and I think this one is different from the others I have photographed--
and here is another different one--
their bodies look similar-
but their heads are different--
and coming back around and walking through the front parking lot--
I see a large bird fly up to the roof top--
I believe he is a red shoulder hawk--
at first I just took a shot of this pine tree cause of the colors--greens, browns against that deep blue sky---
but if you look really close--
you will see one of my friends in the tree--
now do you see him??
and Mr Woodpecker was just a chattin away up there!!!!

It was really cool here the last couple days--down to 60 at night and only mid 70's to 80 during the day--with a breeze--so I guess winter has started here in Florida!!???

Enjoy the moments, di

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


It was another just $5 day at the Zoo--
so even though it rained hard during the night--
the day cleared off ---sooo
off we went--
and we got to see some 'old' animals I have seen before
and some 'new' to me ones--
Of course we had to go see the Giraffe's --
they have 9 I believe now--I seen 3 while there today--
this one was looking for some snacks-
and when we came back by--
there was people feeding him!!
and I love Zebra's--
some new to me critters were--

the Storks--this one was cute standing on the this small rock--
I don't remember these from before--
love those gold top-notch's--
and then we seen these 'guys'-
they are my 'new' favorites--
but I forgot to get the name of them???
and then we went into a new loop to me--and seen--
all kinds of birds--
Kangaroo's--they had 4 or more of them--
and they had a great sand sculpture there--
that someone had put hours of work into--but the rain was tearing it down--
wished this had been kept under cover!!!
and a black swan--think I remember seeing him last year--
it did try to rain on us just before we left there--
There is one more Tues in Oct that I can go for the $5--
but Frannie can't go--it is Halloween day and she dress's up for the whole day--
and parades around--soooo--
I told her I wear my costume every day--so I am already dressed up!!!!!!


Thursday, October 19, 2017


Even though the dock is still not open--
the trail now is--for the 2nd time!!
and I did walk it late afternoon today--
and I had couple interesting friends waiting for me--
first was this guy--
a really pretty blue dragon fly-- Mr. Blue--
he kept hanging around and landing on green leaves for me to take  his photo--
he was quite the show-off!!

then further on the trail--
a friend of his joined me-
Mr Green Jeans--he was busy though and didn't stay long!!
then around the corner I found some pretty flowers--
and then around another corner--
I was happy to see these--
one huge mushroom-
shading and protecting some smaller ones--
the smaller ones must be her kids!!!

and I found these out in Nancy's garden and they really looked like Fall to me!!!


Wednesday, October 4, 2017


 I did go for a short walk this morning--
when I thought the sun was shinning,
but by the time I grabbed the camera and got to the back door--
it was under a cloud again!!
but look--
I did get some really nice close up's of my little wood pecker-

he was finding his lunch in that branch by the looks of things--
and then a bit further I found a squirrel to talk to--
he was climbing  up this lattice--
and when I talked to him--
turned around--I think he thought I had some peanuts on me--
but I was in a hurry 'not' to miss the sun--which I did anyways!!!

We got more rain today--
but nothing heavy--just lots of short showers--
all this water--
and we don't have any right now--been shut off for about 2 hours so far--
there is a water break right now the street--
Irma was really not good to us around here!!!!!
and then all this additional rain--!!!!

My poor river looks and acts angry--
and it has been like this for about 3-4 days so far--
I said it is 'angry' cause of all the sewage that the town right across from here dumped into it during Irma--they said they had to do it (millions of gallons) or it would back up into peoples homes--
and now for days the wind has been strong and causing high waves coming from the ocean--east of us and so now all that 'stuff' is probably on your shore now--Boooo!!!

We have not even had any ducks or wild life on our pond--
for the last 3 days or so--current even here is bad!!!

OK--sun where are you???
This is Florida--remember!!!!
Enjoy the moments, di