Wednesday, January 18, 2017


went out the back door to walk
though the trail--
and remembered that I wanted to take a photo in
the garden--
and look what I seen--
This butterfly on the next pot of flowers--
I got so excited--
have never seen this one before--
It is a Zebra Longwing Butterfly--
and come to find out--
is Florida state Butterfly--hummm--
but today was the first day I have seen one--
let alone get a good photo of one--
and here is the flower I went to photograph--
Did the trail and went down to the dock--
perfect day down there--
as I was walking back up the ram to put some seeds out for the squirrels and birds-
I heard a sound--
and I looked up--
I knew it had to be a woodpecker--
as he was sure making a racket--
and there is was--
Opps--there she was--
a Hairy Woodpecker--
( a male has a spot of red on his head--the female doesn't!!!)
and she was one busy woodpecker--
so that makes 3 kinds of woodpeckers that I have been able to get photos of since moving here!!!!

And then I spotted this bird a little later--
I believe it is a Laughing Gull--
though I did not see him laughing!!!
but it sure was having a good time finding bugs I believe along the shore line and in the water--
Now I know you probably think I am crazy for taking his picture--
but this is the first time again that one had landed on this beach area that I have seen--!!

And this was the sunrise this morning--
Now I was definately--
Enjoying the moments today--
hope you were tooo--

Sunday, January 15, 2017


On my walk on the trail today--
I took photo's looking up--
look at how blue our sky is today--?

 love taking photos of berries--

and I do love taking photos of bare tree limbs--
don't ask me why!!!!

and on the trail I seen this stump-

Doesn't that look like a big snail crawling along the back side of this stump????
but it isn't!!

then, on the way back to the building, I heard these birds--
and looked up--
and they were doing the 'happy dance'!!
These are Northern Mockingbirds--(I believe?)

and down on the dock today--
I got me this cute photo--
Doesn't this look like the wood pecker is telling the morning dove --
that I am going to take this piece of nut--is that 'OK' with you???

Enjoy the moments--
no matter how small or big--

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Every day I look out and see this bird sitting on a wire line--

Can you see him--there on the wire in the tree area???
Well--the other day--later in the day when I looked out--
I saw him again and I thought--
boy does he like to sit up there or what??
wonder what kind of bird he is--
so I get the camera out with the long lens--
and this is 'what' I sees!!!
Ahh--no bird at all--
just a skinny branch with a group of leaves at the end of it--
Had a good laugh at myself--that is for sure--

Yesterday when I looked out the window--
I seen this vehicle in the parking lot--
Now what is that on covering that tire???
Could it really be---
a a a T-shirt????
Yep--it's a t-shirt--
wonder if the tire was cold?????

Enjoy the moment--di

Thursday, December 22, 2016


This chair and flower garden is right outside the front entrance here-
when I moved in there was some tall kind of 'once in awhile' flower that flowered--
they tore them all out and a tenant,
 Rich took over planting and doing the flowers here--
they are all in pots--so can be moved around--he adds and takes away
 when ever he finds something new and different that he likes!!

Here a view of another garden that Carol does--and is at the end of the parking lot, near where the visitors parking is--I took this photo from my bedroom window--
This is a close up of one of her pots of flowers--
And another pot--

And this garden is done by Nancy--she even decorated her's for Christmas--
she grows flowers and vegetables in her garden--

So there you have it--
our 3 gardeners here--all tenants--all seniors!!

Russell and I nurture 'our' garden down on the docks-
and our garden breathe's and eat even--
Like here is Rocky III--looking for us to toss him some more peanuts--
Russell--feeding one of our squirrels peanuts--
Mr. Cardinal checking to see if Di put out some sunflower seeds today on the railings!!

Happy Holidays from all of Nature--
love and laughter, di

Sunday, December 11, 2016


A few days ago we had some action out front here--
there where all kinds of men around and trucks--
my Dad would of loved to have been here--
he loved watching this kind of thing!!
I think they are 'drawing' straws to see who gets what job--
or the 'Big' job--
who is going to get to set this big boy up--????
This new pole is solid concrete--
and tall--very very tall--
then they had to 'draw straws' as to who was going to be here--
and help 'guide' that tall tall--solid concrete pole into the ground--
and while these '3' men where doing all this--
what was the others doing?????
Just sittin around watching and saying a prayer of thanks that they did not get the short straw!!!

Here is a photo of the old pole next to the new one--
They have been replacing these poles all along this road since--
now that small pole is large init's self--and you can see how much larger and taller the new one is!!

love and laughter, di

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Earlier in the week--
as I was walking our trail--
I noticed a bird of some kind fly into a tree ahead of me--
so when I got to the tree--
I looked up--
and look at what I found--
A Red Shouldered hawk--
he just sat there and let me snap away--
I really wanted a front view--

Now to yesterday--
a girl friend stopped in  for a visit from NJ--
as she was leaving we first walked down so she could see the dock where I spend so much time--
and before we got to the ramp--up on the road--
sitting up high on a wire was my 'hawk'
and he was facing me--
so after she left  I came back in and grabbed the camera and out I went--
and there he still was--
So I was able to get some nice front facing shots--
Now I want to photography him flying!!!
love and laughter, di

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


We have had an attack--
here in Florida-
attack of the large black birds--
Hundreds of them came through last week--
and this is what the ramp and the dock looked like--
every chair and cushion and railing had been "given" some droppings!!
some was totally covered in there ----!!!!
never has anyone seen it soooo bad before--
after a couple days they seemed to leave the area--
and the ramp and dock got a good cleaning--
when I got home from shopping this morning--
I seen this out my bedroom window--
and they were 'liking' this palm tree--
They must be after the berries!!!!
Soooo--wonder what the dock looks like today--
haven't gotten down there yet today???????
love and laughter, di