Tuesday, July 12, 2016


As you know I pretty much take the camera for a walk every day--
so here is just some of the hundred or so a week I take on those walks--

don't you just love the Florida Sunshine!!
another residents garden area!!

I am Mr. Cardinal--Di's favorite bird!!

love how these clouds look like rays!!
O kay where is my sunflower seeds???

Love and Laughter, di

Thursday, June 23, 2016


This plant only opens in the evening--
very late evening--like about 10 pm for it to be fully open--
so here is my adventure one night last week trying to get a photo of this flower fully open--

when I moved here, I seen these cactus looking plants that where climbing up some of the trees around here--and thought it was odd--
this spring I learned online on someones blog site that they have flowers--
so I began to take more notice of them--
then I began to see these little white fuzzy balls of 'cotton' on the vines--
see--don't they look like cotton balls??
But then last week I noticed they had grown longer--
and I mean longer--
So on Wednesday night a week ago,
 I realized that some would probably flower that night--
so starting about 8 pm I went out and started taking photos about every 15 minutes--
another 10- 15 minutes--

Ohhh--I see some yellow stuff inside it--
and later--it is more open--
but now there is a thunder storm in the air!!
and it is getting really close--
so at this point I had to come inside for half hour--
but decided to brave it and go out one more time--
and this is what I got after it did rain during that half hour--

but still not completely open--
have seen several that opened, since, but they close up at sunrise--
and have not been out after 10 pm to get a photo of one completely open--
don't want the 'boogieman' to get me being out alone at that time of night--
but I am happy with the this one--if I don't get an fully open one!!!!

Now I have seen this flower on line a couple different times now and some say it forms fruit--
yet that bloom does look a bit different to me--though the same color--
so I don't know--well keep watching to see what all the dead blooms do?????
Thanks for going on this adventure with me!!

love and laughter, di

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


When it comes to raccoons???
We have been feeding one down at the dock in the woods for a while now--
but a couple days ago--
I made the discovery of a second adult one--
so here is Rocky 1--
and here is Rocky 2--
they both like sunflower seeds and peanuts--
that is what I feed them--
another tenant feeds them bread and food scraps!!
still no new siting of the babies!!

a view of the river from down the street--
seen the full arch of a rainbow the other night from the bedroom window--
and here is pair of 'Boat tailed Grackles'  the black one is larger and is the male and his head and upper body are shades of turquoise--really pretty--
the brown one is a female and much smaller--
and yes they like peanuts too!!
love and laughter, di

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Camera around my neck every time I leave the apartment to go walking or down on the dock--
cause it causes one to really look around ones environment--
you are always on the hunt as to what is different today and what will make a great photo to share with others--
above is prove--this was not there a couple days before or was too small to notice--
it is huge mushroom growing from an old tree trunk--it has lots of vines and sticks in front of it--
and that is what the shadows are--
a very large dragon fly--
a bright red cardinal sharing some of the squirrels food!!!
a US Navy blimp traveling down the center of the river--
Mrs Rocky moving her babies from one hiding nest to another!!
and some kind of pink flowers down the shore line!!
What have you noticed that is different lately????
love and laughter, di

Sunday, May 15, 2016


What I seen today on my walk--
and while on the dock--
Of course my friends dropped by!!
a few were trying to catch there lunch--
human and birds!!
I live near a military base--
Have a great day--
love and laughter, di

Monday, May 9, 2016


Here is some photos from my many walks and sitting down on the dock watching nature--
a momma and baby at the fenced in swamp area around the corner down the street--taken though a green chain fence--

sun rise first part of May--
love and laughter, di

Friday, April 15, 2016


I often have taken photos of different birds sitting on these posts--
but today when I walked down the street,
I noticed that every pole had a 'pole sitter'--
and they were different kinds and different sizes of them--
and here is a look at the sunrise this morning--
and one of the residents here has a nice vegatable garden out back--
but look at these amaryllis  that she has out there--??
they are absolutely beautiful and fun to photograph--
have a great photographic day--
love, di