Sunday, January 14, 2018


One day last week or so ago--
as I was coming in the main door downstairs--
I spotted this 'bug'
and all I had with me was my trac-phone--
so I pulled it out and used the camera feature and took a photo--
then I 'forgot' about it until two days ago--
and what a hunt I went on trying to find it--
I thought it was on one of my other '2' cameras--
before I remembered the phone one--
then I had to try to figure out how to get it onto the computer--
and thanks to a bit of help from my son last night--
here it is!!!

Then I had to look it up to see what kind of  'bug' it was--
and it is really a moth---
a Red Winged Tiger Moth--
wonder if he was wanting a taste of the red poinsettia's inside the lobby???

Have a great week-di

Saturday, December 30, 2017


for probably the last post for 2017--
a really bright tiger lily--
pretty white asylum--
not sure--but they are pretty--
and purple--
wonderful purple pansies--
yep-- I love pansies--
and I found these bright yellow ones on the back side of this big planter--
with some white petunia's--
and up by the front door--a pot of white and red inpatients!!!


Tuesday, December 26, 2017


The park is named Wickham park--
and it is a large park and is about a mile from me--
here is more photos--

Heading in to the park--
and yes--one can't seem to even get away from advertisements even at a light show!!!
but these were only at the entrance!
This vehicle looks just like my DD's but it's not!!

They had different themes in the different areas on the park--
this was a drive thru night--
they do have a couple nights at the beginning of Dec when you can walk the 3 mile loop--
loved the cute old west town here--
there was a store, saloon, jail --
I believe this was a peacock--
some pretty colorful feathers!!
this green arch with the white swan was one of my favorites--

there is also a large pond area--
and I really enjoyed seeing the lights reflected into the water--
and the flamingo area was really pretty--
one of my neighbor tenants here went with us along with her dog Daisy--
it looks like Daisy likes the lights too--she was the best doggie--
you drive around the loop as many times as you wanted
(it was $15 for entry per vehicle)
we did the loop 2 times--
when you left--you went out a different one that one you arrived at--
this one as you left had the USA signs lite up--
and then you drove through a tunnel of lights--
and that was like the 'icing' to the cake!!!
enjoy the moments, di

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


I had a big surprise down at the dock this morning--
very low tide--
it was out about 10-15 feet from the new beach area, even--
this log was under water yesterday when I was down there!!!
So as a result of the low tide--
I got to see some things I hadn't seen before--
first though was all the Rocky's foot prints--
wonder how many there is now down there--

and hers continued out into the low tide area--
I think these are Lurch's foot prints--
but they look so large (blue heron)
and have no idea what kind of critter made these tracks--
looks like something was crawling on his belly???
seen a little crab--
school of really tiny fish--
and this group of 'stones' of some kind????

When I was at the beach yesterday (Tuesday) the tide was really low too????
Enjoy the moments, di

Thursday, December 14, 2017


down to the dock today--
and sat on the bench and soaked up some sunshine!!!
I did the trail first--
Lots of dragonflies again--buzzin around--
and I seen one "3" times as large as this one --in greens and bright blues--
but he just wouldn't land so I could get his photo--boo!!!!

Seen this guy sitting here after I got down on the dock--
it looks like he is praying--
"Dear Lord--let that be the lady that feeds us!!"
and it was--
ended up with 2 of them--
but no birds--

I did hear a blue heron on the way down the ramp--
but then couldn't find him once I got down on the dock--
a bit later I looked over and there he was--
Sittin on this tree stump--
they miss the tree that hung over the water--
(some clean up crew cut it off and dragged it off--
how 'mean' of them!!)

a large boat on the other side of the river--

I so love it down there--and today the river was nice and calm--
and no  it is not really 'open' yet---but????
and some pretty white  flowers up my the end of the ramp--
and I seen lots of Rocky foot prints in the sand---

Enjoy the moments, di

Saturday, December 9, 2017


My day has some 'winner' in it--
First my Plan A actually worked out--
(that is a scary thought really!!)
and I got the tree set up-
fluffed out--
lights on it--
and garland on it--
Under the tree is the decorations--
for tomorrow--
My tradition is to  just enjoy the tree with the lights and garland for at least one day--
and I also fuss a bit here and there on the tree adjusting the lights and garland--
then we get to the serious part!!!!
Now over on the dinning room table is all this waiting for me--
I bought like 4 new tabletop trees to decorate this year--
Why--you ask???
have no idea--I just like little trees--I guess--
and it will be a 'guess' as to where they will go once I decorate them!!!
Got a couple strings of battery powered lights too--
hummm--wonder if I have enough batteries for them??????????

And I was a 'winner' on a recent blog site--
Over on "Welcome to Lavender Dreams--
and then this came in the mail today-
what a delightful book this one is--
so stop over and visit that Diane's blog to learn more about
Princess Sassy Pants,--

And I even got in some stitching time today--
This is block #11 on the Seasonal Wool bom--
block #12 came out today--so guess I better get busy with needle and thread--


Sunday, December 3, 2017


today counting traffic--
He must of decided the other two 'birds' couldn't count correctly!!!!

Can you see that line of black bodies in the water??

they are some kind of duck, I believe and they must be having a party out there--
bet on the dinner menu it has 'fish'!!!

Did have a couple Blue Jays show up for a snack today--
this one looks like he is saying--"now be sure to get my good side??"
and we have a nice sized bush of these flowers right outside the front entrance--
the flowers are even more red that it looks here--

enjoy the moments, di