Friday, July 31, 2015


is done--
a baby sweater--
got this 100% cotton yarn at Hobby Lobby and it is made in Turkey--
I was not really happy with it--
it really feel like acrylic  yarn and is a bit on the heavy side--
but the worst part was that on both skeins there was 'piecing' of  the yarn that I had to work around--
which meant more ends to work in later!!!boooo!!!

While at the yarn shop last week they gave me a pretty green variegated  yarn--
also that is made in Turkey--
and I have started another sweater in that yarn and so far do really like it--
it feels lighter weight and is knitting up better-and it still is 100% cotton yarn--
so we will see????
but aren't these duck buttons just the cutest???
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I got a total of 7 baby sweaters knitted and 6 hats for the sweaters--
and walked them over to the yarn shop for them to give to a charity--
and I have another sweater started--
the yarn is from Hobby Lobby and is 100% cotton from Turkey--
was just under $4 a skein--
at the Yarn shop they had just gotten some new baby yarn in from Turkey and it is 100% cotton, but is over $8 a skein, but she gave me a skein to knit a sweater up in it to see if I liked working with it--
I got me some work to do as I have to finish the one on the needles first!!!!
smiles diandmissgracie

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The pile of fabrics have anew home--

nearly all of it when to my friend Anne home--
she makes lots and lots of quilts for hospice--
and then the big stack of boxes and rummage sale things went to friend Denise's home--

where she will add it to a rummage sale she is having in a couple weeks--
so my dinning room area looks empty--
well--that is until you look at the table and discover that you can't see the top of it--
nor any dresser tops in the bedroom--
so it looks like I still have a bit of work to do around here--

I do manage to find time nearly everyday to do some photos though-
so here is a few to tie you over--

Monday, July 6, 2015


I decided in looking at what stuff I had decided I had to keep--
that it was still tooooo much--
so spent the holiday week end resorting and adding to the 'get rid' of pile--
and ended up mostly in the walk in closet where my fabric and craft things are kept--
look at this pile--
there is alot of fabric here-
but then I did have a thought--
and for once it was 'before' I was sorry--
I remembered all the quilt tops that I had yet to hand quilt that would need backing--
and that backing was probably here in this pile--so I spent part of Sunday going through my quilt tops and measuring them and going back though this pile to find their backings--
so now unless I need to purchase wider backings I have them all matched up--
good for me!!!!
and boy is my friend Anne going to have fun tomorrow going through all these to see what she can use in her hospice quilts she makes!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


I do believe that all my decluttering--
hoeing out--
getting rid of--
is done for now--
though I do still have boxes of rummage sale stuff--
but my mind is tired--
so that will wait for awhile--

So now what????????????
I suppose I could go shopping--??
but for what????
I could just 'chill' out???
but--that is not really me--
I keep going for the most part--
even when my body is 'screaming at me to stop--slow down"!!

maybe I will just have to get back to some stitching--
I did find the sewing machine today and got that area all cleaned up and ready to sew????
gotta think on this for awhile!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


done with the cleaning and sorting--
in fact--
I have lots and lots to do--
and some really tough decisions to make--
and some need to made by this week end!!!!
When thinking/planning to move out of state and so far away--
what does one keep and move--
or does one kinda sell everything and start over in the new place????
none of furniture is new--
except the bed--and that now is over 4 years old--
((((but was an expensive one when bought--!!)))
and where I am moving in FL there is a second hand shop/thrift store
on every corner--
and it is very expensive to rent a U-haul and nights stays in motels--
food, gas to move it down there--
it all 'boggles' my poor overworked brain--

I have Sherman coming Saturday morning for some of the furniture--
especially the large wood old cabinet--
Remember Sherman--he is the one I bought alot of this furniture from!!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Friday, April 17, 2015


I do remember--
for me --
it was to spring clean and do some rearranging---
reorganizing, decluttering--on and on--

I did start it on time--
my finish date was for the end of the month--
here it is now April 17th and I am--
working on it--
I did have a 'rest' time--
for nearly a month--
but this week have gotten back into the race--