Sunday, August 20, 2017


I finally got a photo of a different dragon fly the other day--
this one had golden wings and a copper body--
and when the sun shines on his wings--
they sparkle just like gold--very very  pretty--

Today's time down on the dock-
I had the following company--
one squirrel who had a 'feast' eating for the other 2 that didn't show up!!!
2 Blue Jays--
a pair of Cardinals--
and I did see the Raccoon--but he was hidden and was very busy eating his breakfast --
(that I am sure was left there by Russell)
and then this guy kept me entertained for a bit--
a King Fisher--he had caught a good sized fish--
and he kept beating it again the tree branch--
either he was trying to make sure it was dead-
or he was 'tenderizing' it so it would go down better!!!!!
Lurch, the Blue Heron flew in for some breakfast--
and I got to watch these 2 swim around--
dolphins--they have been around all week
but usually out in the middle of the river--
but today they were up closer to the dock so I could watch them--
by the time I come in from the dock-
I am soaking wet--the humidity is really bad here this summer--
but it is worth it, I guess!!!

Enjoy the moments, di

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


When Camera and I went for out for our,
 walk around the trail--
we seen this--
a really pretty ruffly all white mushroom--

Then when I got down on the dock--
we found this to take a photo of--
a couple white feathers in the water--
and a --
little a bit further away--
a smaller white feather--

we did not even have one squirrel show up today--
only one red cardinal and one blue jay--
that flew in grabbed a bit of bread that Russell had put down and flew out--

enjoy the moments, di

Monday, August 7, 2017


These are just 2 stalks outback in Nancy's garden--
she grows them in pots even!!!

So here is to everyone to have a great 'sunshiny week'--
enjoy the moments, di

Friday, August 4, 2017


different for me--
here in FL that is for sure--
been here 2 years now and this is my first siting of these--

happened upon them on the trail this morning--
not even sure how or why I spotted them--
I was just walking along--and happened to look down and seen these round things on a dead fond--
so I started taking a photo--
and that was when I realized what those round things where!!!
Ok--I get it--you are not that interested in snails--
what about a funny squirrel tail--
Can you see the 3 'shell' shaped darker fur markings on this tail--
realized his tail was different from the rest of the squirrels
when he came done to get his peanut from Russell--Mr. Peanut Man!!
when I was down on the dock this morning--

You did say Peanut man was here --right???

thanks Peanut Man!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2017


The last couple days it seems all my photos have had to do with wings--
On the trail this morning I took these--
a Tropical Checkered-skipper--
and when I got down to the  dock I seen another one--
So these babies must of just hatched--

and also on the trail--
I got a quick photo of this one--
a Giant Swallowtail--
I was able to identify these 2 from my butterfly card that Sunny sent me--
Thanks Sunny--
I have gotten photos of the first butterfly last season--
but the bottom one is new to me--I think---

and then there is these guys--
no they are not tiny air craft--
they are--
large dragon flies and they are swarming right now--these photos I took from my bedroom window--they are flying up high and in groups--think it is their mating season or something!!!
I thought I would get some photos on the trail of them--but they are only up high flying around right now--

Also on the trail I seen this pretty stick--
with some neat mushrooms growing from it--
and I did find these pretty flowers outside the back door in bloom this morning--
So what did you take photos of today????

Enjoy the moments, di

Thursday, July 20, 2017


We have had t-storms for a couple days in a row late afternoon this week--
so our pond out front is really full---

But yesterday morning when I was down to the dock--
-- it was very humid down there--so I almost came back up--
but before I did--something new caught my eye in a dead tree--
that hangs out over the water--
I have seen alot of Ibis and heron's sitting on this tree--
but this time the object was much smaller--
and every so often it would fly down to the water and back again--
So I took several photos and came home and down loaded them and cropped them--
to see 'who' I had photographed--
and looky here--
we have a Belted Kingfisher--
yea--another different type of bird for my album!!!!
well--worth the 'sweating' to take his photo!!!!!

And a couple days before this while I was down there--
Rocky and family showed up--
So I had some more fun taking their photos while Russell threw them down some peanuts!!!

Enjoy the moments, di

Sunday, July 16, 2017


I had not been able to go down on the dock--
since Tuesday morning--
but finally got there mid morning--
and here is a few things I seen--
Morning glories and other flowers out in Nancy's garden out the back door--
yellow wild sweet peas on one side of the ramp going down to the dock--
and pink wild sweet peas on the other side!!!
Mr. O--our one osprey was flying around over the river when I got there--
he must of been looking for a mid morning snack--
I was sitting there on the dock knitting when I spotted these 5 black birds fly in
and land on the high wire along the road--
a man playing with his 2 big black dogs--
he would throw a stick in the water and they would go and get it--
they had alot of energy!!!
and look who I seen when I came back across the street to go home????
Hey Rocky--you belong on the other side of the road!!!
and we have to have at least one of these photos--