Sunday, November 20, 2016


Earlier in the week--
as I was walking our trail--
I noticed a bird of some kind fly into a tree ahead of me--
so when I got to the tree--
I looked up--
and look at what I found--
A Red Shouldered hawk--
he just sat there and let me snap away--
I really wanted a front view--

Now to yesterday--
a girl friend stopped in  for a visit from NJ--
as she was leaving we first walked down so she could see the dock where I spend so much time--
and before we got to the ramp--up on the road--
sitting up high on a wire was my 'hawk'
and he was facing me--
so after she left  I came back in and grabbed the camera and out I went--
and there he still was--
So I was able to get some nice front facing shots--
Now I want to photography him flying!!!
love and laughter, di

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


We have had an attack--
here in Florida-
attack of the large black birds--
Hundreds of them came through last week--
and this is what the ramp and the dock looked like--
every chair and cushion and railing had been "given" some droppings!!
some was totally covered in there ----!!!!
never has anyone seen it soooo bad before--
after a couple days they seemed to leave the area--
and the ramp and dock got a good cleaning--
when I got home from shopping this morning--
I seen this out my bedroom window--
and they were 'liking' this palm tree--
They must be after the berries!!!!
Soooo--wonder what the dock looks like today--
haven't gotten down there yet today???????
love and laughter, di

Friday, November 11, 2016


Di's photo's--
Flyin in for Breakfast--
a large group mushroom in the front garden--
a closer view--
PS lady--get your camera ready--
my family is flying in today--
see--I told you!!!
Who cut a section out of these clouds???
love and laughter, di

Thursday, October 27, 2016


OK--di--time for some new photos--says Miss Squirrel

Who is that over there--says Mr. Black
Ohh--that is Mr. Osprey--
looks like he sees a big fat fish in the river--
Yep--found me one!!!
And I dropped it--
So back to the my landing zone--
for another try later!!!

I seen this happen 2 days in a row--
must be Mr O's eyes are bigger than his talons can handle--
love and laughter,di

Sunday, October 16, 2016


My camera likes to take photos of kids--
and it did find some 'cuties' at the Aquarium--
my camera spotted these 2 as we were standing in line--

one girl is posing in front of a glass tank--the other one is too busy watching some fish--

In the first photo the gal is doing all kinds of pose's for her dad--then along came her mother with her sister!!
I just fell in love with little guy--I do believe his parents have taught him not to touch things and that is why he kept his hands behind his back--

and as we were leaving the Aquarium there was a nice area outside with flowers and such and this little guy was having a ball with his new bubble gun!!!

Then on the way home on Sunday--
we stopped in a McDonalds for DD's coffee and I seen this gal--
And I fell in love with her hair--
she was very friendly and we talked about her hair for a bit--
she said her Mom does all the corkscrew curls--
this is all her own hair--no fillers or extensions--
I wonder how long her hair is 'before' her mom starts curling it????
love and laughter, di

Saturday, September 17, 2016


As I walked down the pier this morning--
to the dock area--I could not believe my eyes--
cause directly out from the dock was a group of dolphins playing--
there was 4-5 in this group and they were having a ball out there--
and if you have ever tried to take photos of dolphins on the water--
you know that they are very hard to get good photos of them--
they are very fast moving creatures and don't come above the water often--
 but for the most part I was happy with today's photos--
after several photos--(about 150 shots)
I got my other critters fed their sunflower seeds and sat on the dock and knitted a while--
now when I went out there--
there was the usual fluffy cloud here and there--
but all of sudden sitting there knitting--
I felt sprinkles--yet when I looked around all I could see was blue sky--
then it began to rain--
yep--the rain cloud was directly over the dock--luckily the dock is covered and I always have a plastic bag with me to cover  the camera--and these kind of storms down here--
 don't last but a few minutes--
Love and Laughter, di

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


on my trips outside lately--
Like today--I got to photograph 2 different kinds of flying creatures--
that I probably would not have even noticed if I was not into photography--
first was this Bee--on a sunflower--

I was just taking photos of this sunflower out back--
when it has a visitor--
Look closely--
it is bright green and blue--
sure looks nothing like the bees we had in NY--

And coming back across the street from being down on the dock--
I spotted a butterfly--
so I went chasing it across the grass--
And talking about butterflies--
when I am down sitting on the dock and looking up towards the road and where I feed the birds and squirrels, I have noticed that there is always white and yellow butterflies flying though--but they never spot for me take a photo--
until yesterday-

And in the water, down to the dock,  this week I got to photograph
a Florida Blue crab--
Actually there was a couple of them playing around and chasing each other!!

Thanks for letting me share some of photos with you--
love and laughter, di