Friday, February 17, 2017


I finally had some time today to walk  the trail
 and then venture on down to the dock

On the trail there was some birds playing around in the trees--
like way up high--
I am not sure what this bird is--
seems to have alot of yellow on him--
Here is some closer looks--
I really couldn't find any thing in the my bird books--
except maybe a Warbler--
can you help me???

and of course there is always these guys clowning around--
Blue jays--

when I got to the dock--
I had 2 friends waiting for me--

and they were hungry--
kept coming on down the ramp to the dock for peanuts in a shell--
and this guy kept me company for awhile--
He had 'snitched' a piece of bread that Russell had left for the raccoons-

and then in the water--
I seen these things today--
someones pink butterfly wind chimes--
wonder from how far away they floated in from???

and look at this shell--
I want that shell---
enjoy the moments, di

Monday, February 13, 2017


Here is a few more sail boating photos from this past week end--
These were taken down on the dock on Sunday morning--
they did all look like they were having fun out there--
          Enjoy the moments-di

Sunday, February 12, 2017


I have never been in a sail boat--
in fact-
any kind of boat scares me--!!!
But for the last 3 days we have been having sail boat races on the river--
these are all taken from my 3rd floor bedroom window--

and these are from the dock this morning--

And on the walk today--to the dock--
took these photos--
these are on a bush near the path--
Mr. W making alot of noise while looking for his breakfast--
and a white heron looking for lunch!!

Enjoy the moments, di

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I was at the bedroom window the other day--
tracing some designs onto fabric
(the window is my light box!!)
and seen this 'silly' Osprey--

Yep--that's him--
way up there in the top of that tree--
now that top of the tree was thin--
and it kept swaying while he was on it--
I do believe he was trying to eat his lunch up there--
how he stayed on it--
while he was doing that and not fall off--
was a 'feat' in itself!!

and who says that Fall isn't here in Florida--
(course it takes all Fall and winter to get to this color--)
top of a tree from the bedroom window--

and today on the trail---
and I seen this down on the beach by our dock today--
any ideas what this is??????????????
I am clueless---
Enjoy the moments, di

Thursday, February 2, 2017


I did make it to  the dock today around noon-
had hoped it would be quiet and empty down there--
didn't happen--
did watch a school of dolphins out in the middle of the river--
I do wished I had a longer lens at times--
they do know how to have fun in the sun--
and look how calm the river was today--
and a couple other things caught my eye--
beach area looked 'artsy' today for some reason--
there was even some ducks today--haven't seen or heard ducks here in along time!!!
enjoy the moments-di

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


After being in the building for nearly 3 days straight--
I was able to go down to the dock, today--
the air was a bit chilly--
but once on the dock that sunshine was very bright and very warm--
Look at all those 'diamonds' on the top of the river--
gonna go gather me some!!!

First I noticed some animal tracks in the sand under the ramp-
more that likely Mr Raccoon--
then I noticed, rather heard, Mr O up in his tree-
But look at this pine tree--
how sadddd--
it is dying--alot of the pines around here have some kind of disease and they are or have died--
I hate that that is happening!!!
then I seen a line up--
of shells along the shore line--under the water--
and a large feather was floating by too--
a dark feather even--usually I see all white ones!!
and tri colored heron flew off from the shore line--
a bit later--Mr C shows up--
and he is demanding--
he wants me to be sure that 'I' photograph his good side!!!
and if you look closely you will 'see' he is 'eyeing' me!!!
and of course we always have one of these characters--
in center stage--

wanting to show of his talents!!!!

and yes I did work on my 'tan'--
and I did get some knitting done while down there!!!

Enjoy the moments--di

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


went out the back door to walk
though the trail--
and remembered that I wanted to take a photo in
the garden--
and look what I seen--
This butterfly on the next pot of flowers--
I got so excited--
have never seen this one before--
It is a Zebra Longwing Butterfly--
and come to find out--
is Florida state Butterfly--hummm--
but today was the first day I have seen one--
let alone get a good photo of one--
and here is the flower I went to photograph--
Did the trail and went down to the dock--
perfect day down there--
as I was walking back up the ram to put some seeds out for the squirrels and birds-
I heard a sound--
and I looked up--
I knew it had to be a woodpecker--
as he was sure making a racket--
and there is was--
Opps--there she was--
a Hairy Woodpecker--
( a male has a spot of red on his head--the female doesn't!!!)
and she was one busy woodpecker--
so that makes 3 kinds of woodpeckers that I have been able to get photos of since moving here!!!!

And then I spotted this bird a little later--
I believe it is a Laughing Gull--
though I did not see him laughing!!!
but it sure was having a good time finding bugs I believe along the shore line and in the water--
Now I know you probably think I am crazy for taking his picture--
but this is the first time again that one had landed on this beach area that I have seen--!!

And this was the sunrise this morning--
Now I was definately--
Enjoying the moments today--
hope you were tooo--