Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well, fellow, quilter's and stitchers, how did your project list for March come out???/ I have to say I really am amazed with myself--it seems every time I take the time to make a list of "goals" that when I get into trouble and nothing gets done---BUT THIS MONTH SOMETHING GREAT HAPPENED---I was only short on my March's list by one Orchid applique block--but I already have one set of bom's done for April and that is my Quilt club ones!!!!
Here's a picture of one of those blocks--already posted the 30's one--
Tomorrow I will add my April goals list -- I do have it fairly written out, but need to check it over first to see if I have everything I want to do--or maybe to see if I have too much on it--I can think BIG sometimes when it comes to quilt projects as there are so many I want to do??????

Here's an Easter Picture for you:
I picked up this rabbit in a Dollar store a couple years ago and so far--everytime I elected to get rid of some of my "stuff"--he has been "saved"--he's plain , but he has personality to me???
Happy April 1st ---- I wish you all sunshine---Just Di

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