Friday, March 13, 2009

I have been busy!!

Even though I have not added it here, yet, I have gotten somethings done:
1. the V.Views block #3 is all embroidered
2. the Chmas Wish block #2 is all embroidered
3. The Village Garden #3 block is all done
4.block #1 and blocks #2 for Houses quilt for forevergreen are done
5. went to Bliss class and block #5 is done (i still need to make up class for #4 block in April)
6. Birdhouse block #4 is all appliqued and 1,2,3 are all ready for applique.
and i got a chip for the camera so now i can take lots of photos of my blocks!!!!!


  1. It is pretty amazing that you have done so mauch with your blog and yet you are new to blogging like I am. Reading about your quilting is like a foreign language (but I do love those). My grandmother was a wonderful quilter, but she died when I was very young. My mother said she even won prizes at State fairs in Nebraska.
    blessings to you,


  2. I really DO know how to spell, it's my typing that is a challenge, so I meant to type much, not mauch! sorry.