Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14--update!!

Today was somewhat productive--yet frustrating!!!! Before bed last night I got another birdhouse block all appliqued, and this morning I worked on block #3, then after seeing my friend Mary, I went to the sewing room and re cut out the pieces for the picket fence from last months block from Harmony Village, as we had decided that last months measurement were wrong and it was way too big--then I cut out and sewed this months block, a tall green tree--12x24--yep, that's a big tree!!! Then I went to redo the picket fence, only to learn that I had cut the pieces out in reverse, so had to do them again--I did get them sewed--but--not very even, so I really need to take them apart and redo them--but, have decided to wait awhile to see which "set" of picket fences is the "real" size for this quilt!!!!

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  1. After doing lots of searching, yours is the only blog where I found someone working on the Harmony Village BOM. I, too, found the error in the sizes needed for the picket fence in block 2 - the beige part - what did you find out were the correct sizes of the rectangles? I know I need the 1 1/2" squares for the tops of the fences, but what about the two beige rectangles between the pilings? Thanks so much - glad I found you!