Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Bliss Class!!

Today I had another Bliss class and we had a lot of fun as usual--and we all ate our share of Sharon's M&M's she brings for us to enjoy--Thank You Sharon!! Last night I got yesterday's Bliss block done:
This Pattern is called "Morning Star"--(Sharon aren't you proud of me--I included the name!!)
I still need to finish alittle on todays block--so will show you that one tomorrow!!!

Sharon also told us and showed us some of the classes she has planned for the Fall--I AM IN TROUBLE HERE--QUILTERS--CAUSE I WANT TO TAKE THEM ALLLLLL!!!!!!

I also got my shell purse sewed together--I just need to find the right beads and buttons for the handle part:
Can you tell I love pink--want most of my "summer" clothes to be pink--only one problem with that, this year pink is not "in"--so I am not having luck finding much--Oh Well!!!!

Be good--keep at those Easter projects--only 2 days to finish them!!!! Cheers--Di

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