Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st -- New beginnings!!!

Well, quilters and stitchers and knitters and crafters--we got a whole new month to work on our projects and to hopefully finish some of them--plus the fun part of buying supplies for more new projects for the future!!!
Today I found the fabrics for the shell purse and got the front and the back strips machine sewed, now I am doing the embroidery work on the strips--this pattern is from the Homespun Magazine: Opps thought I had a picture of the Magazine pattern to show--there is one over on my other Blog site--So check there to see it, OK??
I do have a picture of the first thing I think I ever made without someone else's pattern, and that is this little felt bear. He is quite "old" really--probably around 30 or so--see I was into felt way before it became so popular--!!!!
Have a great Day--Smiling--Di

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  1. Soooo cute, Di.
    Popping off to England for a couple of days, so enjoy the week-end. Will be back to see what you have done :)