Monday, April 13, 2009

A bom finished !

I have another BOM block finished--this one is for the Verandah Views Block #4:
I thought this one was so cute and so right for the month of April with the bunny there--thanks Gail!!

I also got another one of the thread catchers machine sewed to day and later I plan to get the hand work done on it, as it is a gift for my friend, Ann who comes every Tuesday morning and we quilt together. I also plan to make another one for myself, seeing as how I gave mine away as a gift?????? I also started the applique on the butterfly blocks for the BOM for the Friendship Flower quilt and I started the embroidery work on the shop project.
So keep busy stitching---see ya, tomorrow---Di


  1. This is really cute, Di. You get so much done! I seem to plan a lot, but something always gets in the way of the doing part...
    Nicespring weather here today, hope you have the same.

  2. Your BOMs are really nice! I am working on both of those too! :o) I have enjoyed looking around your blog! I hope you will come visit me sometime!