Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I have block # 4 of "A Tisket, A Tasket" not only all appliqued like I showed you, yesterday---BUT, I have decided to finish each block off into a door hanging for my front door. I just thought this one was so "Eastery" and I wanted something new on the door and then I also realized that I really have alot of quilts --in progress--some the tops are all done, waiting to be quilted, some are in block form, waiting to be put together, some are in the beginning or inbetween stages to be finished in to blocks, to be made into quilts, and some are in the bom program--sooo--there are lots of possible quilts in progress--so if I make each one of the Tisket/Tasket blocks into monthly door hangers I will feel better about myself (and there are a couple new groups of fabrics out there I like and I just might be "temped" to start, yet, another quilt top?????)
I also had the privilege of being in the Bliss class all by myself today at the Quilt shop--what an honor to have Sharon Stroud all to myself for the afternoon. And yes I did get some stitching done today--it is a hand piecing class and I was a block behind from being sick in the winter, so was attending her 1st week Bliss class to get caught up--only she had to change the day and the week for it--so none of the other gals must of been able to come--soooo!!! And if all goes well I will be going back tomorrow for the regular class of Bliss that I am in and then I will be all caught up!!! Course that Sharon, she was a tease today--kept talking about some of the classes she is planning on giving this summer??????

Happy Day---Keep Warm if you live in New York?????? Hugs, Di
PS My wallet will be in trouble tomorrow when I go, cause my Quilt shop if have a Fat Quarter sale--?????

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  1. Lovely, Di. And a very good idea. Hope you find some nice bits at the sale.
    Have a nice day.