Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Friday!!

Well, another week-end is fast approaching us again--I have had a busy week, but not in the way that I needed it to be busy???? I needed to get alot--and I mean alot of sewing done--but--that did not happen--even though I did get some done--so I guess I need to be grateful for that--and my sister has been here 3 days this week helping me spring clean and declutter--( I sort out what I think I can do without and then discover some of it is in her pile to take home--yet she still thinks I have "too" much stuff"--I keep telling her, I don't have too much stuff--I just have too little of space to put my "stuff"!!!!!
Here is a picture of "spring" though, from this morning:
Have a great weekend--see ya tomorrow--Just, Di

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