Monday, April 6, 2009


We all got one week to finish those last minute Easter projects--and for those of us who are doing the Tisket-Tasket block--it's a great Easter project and I nearly have mine done--that was my main goal today and finishing up my homework for Wed.'s Bliss class--Bliss is done and I only have the little chick to applique done and the bow at the top of the basket to do and it is done and I will enjoy it for Easter this year!!
Year's ago--and I mean year's ago, my mom and I belonged to craft kit a month club, and they sent you everything in the mail to make a craft--we would even get little packettes of glue to use!!! This is a picture of an egg we each made that year and painted--those where the "good-ole days"?????
The top part came off and this is what I believe we got to put inside it??
And as you can see when the top is on it there is a clear plastic dome so you can see the little bunny inside--how cute it that???? I just wished I knew what year we did these???
Happy Easter count down--Blessings--Di

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