Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Redwork!!

This picture I got on my walk over to do my eye appointment today--they where growing along this lady's hedgerow--I love wild violets--don't you???

Between last night and then more this morning I got some more of the Redwork blocks done, plus I now have them all traced to sew--I am running out of the right number of red embroidery floss, but I will be going to the Quilt shop tomorrow for Quilt Club and can get another skein there!! here is the newest blocks I have gotten stitched:
And here is a picture of the hardest one in this batch??
This is just a simple wreath using back-stitches, lazy daisy's and french knots--right--right!! But the "fun" part was figuring out which of the three stitches i needed to embroider where???? So this one of those blocks that you really had to keep marking off each small part of the pattern on the pattern sheet as you stitched it--I really like this block it looks soooo country to me--am thinking of doing one for myself --can't decide though whet er to do it in the red work or maybe in black and then put it in a little frame!!!

Happy Day to everyone--keep on quilting and creating those projects--oh, dear talking about projects tomorrow is the last day of April and it is time to do my --did I meet my goals list for the monty--it will be OUCH time for me this time???? Just, Di

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  1. Cheery little violets! Oh, love that bottom Redwork - just gorgeous!
    Hugs - Lurline♥