Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I actually got some of the redwork Christmas pattern blocks transferred and 3 of the blocks are stitched and I am on the 4th one.
The pattern is called--Winter Memories--and is by the Acorn quilt and Gift co. and this is also for the local quilt shop for a model--had been tempted to do some of my own work--but decided to keep going on the shop models, first!!!

Today was my friend Ann's day to come--she comes every Tues and we stitch--sometimes for a couple hours, sometimes less and then we go and do errands and go to lunch. Today she took me to town to a furniture store and I let her pick out a new chair for her to sit in when she comes to sew, and she picked out a real comfortable one--in fact I may get 2 of them for my living room--haven't totally decided yet--the chair is a glider one, but you would not know it to look at it--and we did find some fabric that is nearly all cotton, as I have a problem with polyester --so I am excited about it--now if one of the checks would get here that I am suppose to be getting!!!!!!
We also stopped by her house on the way and I got some pictures of her tulips--she has "tons" of them in all kinds of colors and styles--PRETTY

Take a break--fix some ice tea and stitch alittle while with me--Just, Di

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  1. Good morning Di. I love redwork. I have completed a set of monthly snowmen that I plan to make a quilt hanging out of them. Sounds like you have some many friends in your life. That is wonderful. I have one friend locally that enjoys sewing, etc. and we do get together and one in MS but we still chat about talking and embroidery. Your chair sounds wonderful. You will have to post a picture once you purchase it. Have a great day!