Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sunny Day!!

I did get another block done for the "Gardener's Journal" project and started the house block while waiting in the Dr. office! And best of all yesterday and today I talked to Anni Down's the designer and author by email for the Gardener's Journal--Her Company's name is Hatched and Patched--such a cute name--and she does great country designs--you can connect to her link on My quilting is blissful site!
I also got one side all done for the shell purse I am doing and I got one more block hand quilted on the quilt that is in the quilt frame--and as I was in alot of pain today, I am happy to have gotten this much done--oh, and I did get some more applique done on last years quilt club top!!

I also went out side for a check on the flower gardens and look what I found:
It was the prefect day to take their picture as they are just at the peak of blooming. We only have a few of these under one tree here at the Jefferson--but you wait until the tulips are in bloom--I have lots of them in 3 different gardens around here!!

Have a great spring day--remember to enjoy each day!!

Just a stitchin== Di

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