Friday, April 24, 2009


Sorry about not posting yesterday--I tried to, after looking up some things on the Internet--but for some reason the computer would not let me on to my IGoogle page so I could--mean thing!!! I have not gotten alot of work done last couple of days either--but this morning I was able to get the vine appliqued on the quilt club quilt from last year: now I have to cut leaves and hearts out to applique onto the vines:
I really love the colors in this quilt--and it will go really well--I hope--in my bedroom when I get it all redone--trying to decide how to organize it and what new pieces of furniture to get is hard, because of my health issues I have to consider every thing--what type of wood, paint, finish, etc is used on each thing -- oh what fun?????????

Have a great Stitchy weekend---Hugs, Di

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  1. Hi Di! I love this quilt. I can't wait to see it completely finished. Beautiful job!