Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alittle work got done!!!

I did get some work done today--even though the phone got me out of bed with a "plea" to take in a stray cat????? That is not really how I want to start off a Sunday morning--I still don't know if I would like a little dog or a cat or none yet????

Let's see I got Mrs. Perkins cut out and sewed and turned, but need to wait until Tues to get some stuffing to finish her--she is soooo cute!!! Got 2 mores bom's in applique ready to actually applique and decided on fabric for the Shabby roses bom and went outside and took some pictures and spend some time with Mary downstairs---Plus that "slave driver" was here again today--but she was here mostly to get phone calls from her family down south???????
Here's yesterdays other block for block 2 of "On The Heart":
And here is a flower picture:
It is time for the Iris to bloom here--these are such a pretty shade, my camera made me take their picture!!!!!

See ya tomorrow---BE careful---Hugs, Di


  1. I love how your BOM turned out :) Thanks for showing it.

  2. The bom is so dainty! They are on my waiting list... haven't decided which fabrics to use yet.