Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beginning to End----

I actually did a whole project--from Beginning to the finishing all with in this past month and it is a Christmas project to "boot"!!!! Now that is progress--ah--even if it is just a wall or door hanging--It is even quilted and got the binding all on it--sooooo---BUT no picture tonight--The funny part is I worked really hard last couple of days to get all completely done for our Quilt clubs Show and Tell today--only I was "under the weather" today so was not able to go--but it is still all done----SO good for me. And remember yesterday I also got the beaded purse done for the show and tell!!

Today I worked on embroidering the outer border for a shop model and finally started another one of my Bali Orchard applique blocks--#3--I am behind on them--oh my!!! Maybe instead of getting the 6 blocks done in 6 months--I will say it's another year long bom project---I'm BAD????

Here's a quilt from last month's quilt club--this is a shop model and I have already gotten the pattern--but it is paper piecing and that is not one of my favorite ways to quilt--but it is really a very beautiful quilt and I am collecting fabrics for it!!

Take Care and don't poke yourself with the needle?????? Hugs, Di

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  1. Hope you are feeling better today, Di. Looks like you will have plenty of work on the new pattern! What sort of colours are you going to use? Hugs, Anne-Lise