Wednesday, May 27, 2009


WELL, I was in a stitchery "mood" all day yesterday and into the evening--Plus we got some much needed rain last evening and I love to sit and stitch and listen to it rain--so that's where I was -- And here are some pictures to prove what I got done last night and then did the border's on today:
Block 1 and then:
Block 2 of the Stringybark Farm by MissyMack--I just love doing both of these blocks, but I am not sure I am happy with the outer border on the Fred the Rooster Block--so I will probably change it?????
And after having started this purse project from the Homespun Mag I finally got around and got it finished today:
I sure bought enough different kinds of beads to do handle with--I started with the button strip first and am so glad I did--I did not realize how much extra wire they took up making the handle shorter than I had planned, but it will be ok and from that I was able to make the other 2 strings the same size as the button one--Now me and Miss Purse are all ready to go shopping--OH DEAR--I nearly forgot--NO MONEY--well, maybe I will come across some $$$ next week and I can take Miss Purse shopping!!!!!

I also nearly have another project done--that's tomorrows post?????

Take Care--stay dry and happy stitching---Busy fingers--Di

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  1. You did it again, Di! Love block no 1 with the dog. But then I do love my doggies. What happened to the kitten? Have you kept it?
    Have fun sewing today. Hugs from Anne-Lise