Sunday, May 17, 2009

A couple finishes???

Yesterday, was a quiet day here for once--No "slave driver"--so I was able to just putter around and do some of this and some of that???? After going down and getting Mary here tea and a visit, came home and just did some plain old housework first, then cleaned and found my work table in the quilt area--then I finished this bom for my door--the Tisket, the Tasket block:
And I got the Christmas Wish bom done:
And I got the V.Views bom done:
Plus I have all 3 blocks of the new "on my Heart" blocks in the applique--but I am going to wait until this next order of the Cosmos Thread comes in this week, before I do the embroidery on them--I have ordered 35 more colors and another Christmas block to do--this pattern is from Crabapple Hill co. Then today I got the First two block colored in with color pencil of the new series on the Internet of Missy Mack's blogspot site called "Stingy Barkfarm"---so I am working!!!

Take Care keep warm--no joke they are saying tonight's temp will be 27 degrees--OUCH--hard to believe--it's after the middle of May--must be the weather man can't read the calendar???? Warm Hugs, Di


  1. Oh, you have achieved so much, Di - wonderful!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Oh, you have been busy! They look lovely! After all the celebrating quietened down last night, it started blowing and then raining. Looks like we're in for a wet day today, too.