Friday, May 29, 2009

A Day Late!!!

Like always, I am a day late -- here is the picture I was suppose to take yesterday and post with yesterdays achievements--sooooo without further to-do:
I got the Christmas Mice hanging all done--even the binding!!! (sorry the picture looks puffy here, but it is not that way in real life--I just love it--it's different--Pattern is one of the Cinderberry collection.

Today I just worked on an applique project and on the embroidery for the shop model. Did take a walk outside late this afternoon and got some neat flower pictures--some will be posted here and some over on the blissful site.
How do you like this BIG poppy in front of the purple iris's???
And this plant is Hummingbird "food" and is hung near my feeder in the same tree!!!

Have a great Week-end with family and friends and don't forget to put in a "couple "stitches in a project here and there!!!! Blessings--Just, Di

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  1. Lovely flowers - just adore poppies.The grandkiddies are here for Whitsun. so not much chance of stitching - more in the line of refereeing (they are THAT age now). Hugs, Anne-Lise