Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Day Off--Kinda!!!

My "slave-driver" decided as Tuesday is my friend Ann's day to come for while in the morning that we would go easy today. Ann came and I helped her load my "bags" of fabric that needed new home in her car--she makes alot of baby quilt's for our Christmas program give away here in town. Then Ann and I went and did alittle shopping--I had seen a fan at CVS I wanted--our store didn't have it in stock, but the manager said he could get me one. At Walmart I had another plant follow me home!!! Then we went out to lunch--so was a nice morning. This afternoon I had to get two giveaways wrapped and mailed--one to CA and one to Norway--then, as it was a nice day I walked them over to the Post office and mailed them and took some pictures on the way back.
I have gotten my Tisket Tasket block to this point:
I have to do the binding now--told "slave-sister" that I needed alittle time in the morning to get my quilt counter cleaned off--and a couple projects matched up and cut out and ready to do the applique or embroidery on them--soooooo--we will see--hopefully it will be quiet here so I can do that???
See the tackle box--
Now see all the buttons in the tackle box!!! This had been Sunday's job--now when a pattern calls for trim of buttons or I decide to trim a pattern with buttons--here they are and all in color groups--YES!!!

Keep stitching--Have a good day---Laughs, Di

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  1. Cute basket! And look at all those lovely buttons! I wish I was so organised. Mabe I should start by clearing out my sewing box...
    Getting excited, Di - soon I'll be camping out beside our mailbox.:) Have a lovely day.