Sunday, May 31, 2009


I do believe that I am finally ready to start the Shabby Rose blocks--I seem to have taken a long time deciding on the fabric and getting my freezer paper patterns cut out--but just maybe I am ready to actually start them sometime this week??????

I did redo the Fred the rooster block from the Stringybark Farm Block --here is a look at the before photo first:
And here is the new one:
This is more me!!!!!
I also worked some more on this applique today:
This is another Bali Orchard block--I now need to put the 3 flowers on it--this one had bright yellow flowers.

See you on Monday--hopefully--can't believe it but they are calling for a frost tonight?????
Chilly, Di


  1. You sound a bit like me - never good enough! The second block is nicer, but oh, the time we lose doing silly things like this!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. I quite agree with the change to your block - now the stitching really catches the eye. We are having a few real summer days - lovely.
    Have a good Sunday. Anne-Lise

  3. Oh, I just found your blog and saw your Stringybark Farm blocks! They looks very cute - good job with them! I'm releasing the next block tomorrow. :)

    Take care!