Thursday, May 14, 2009


This new LOVE will continue for ever and ever--I am truly addicted to this LOVE and can't wait to see more of it very very very soon!!!!!!!!

I am really in LOVE with the new Cosmos Embroidery Thread--I am telling you that if you haven't gotten any and tried this thread yet--you just must!!!!

I got my order of 8 colors a couple days ago and yesterday got the Christmas mice pattern ready to try it on--And it worked really nice--then today I went back to my old favorite brand to do one of my bom's for May--and I really wanted to "cry" there is a big difference in the way each thread works--can't wait to get more of the Cosmos thread and when I am done here I will be ordering more colors!!!!

Got the Christmas Wished block done and started the V. Views today -- the "slave driver" and I were both kinda wore out today so we just did a couple little jobs.

Be Good and also take a minute and order some new thread to try--Smiles, Di

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  1. Good one, Di - I'm about to start a new Redwork of Rosalie Quinlan's - where do we buy it?
    Hugs - Lurline♥