Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I disobeyed??

My favorite "slave driver" left me with instructions to start cleaning my winter clothes out of my closet and getting the summer ones ready to go into the closet----BUT---MY STITCHING PROJECTS where crying--they so wanted me to get them traced, or fabrics picked out for their applique pieces--and I just could not stand the noise---sooooo----I gave in to them instead!!!
I did get another block finished last night on the Country Journal ones--this was the house--took it's picture this morning and some garden pictures--but some how my computer erased them from the camera--so I will re-take them tomorrow.

This morning I got the Christmas Mice pattern traced on to the background fabric, the Christmas wish Block 5 traced, and the Vernanada Views block 5 traced off and then I got Block 1,2 &3 of the On My Heart blocks fabrics for the applique and then the freezer paper patterns ironed on to the fabrics to start them--while I was doing them the "slave-driver" popped in early---oh my--I just put her to work helping finish picking the fabrics out--then had lunch and then=======WORK, WORK, WORK!!!!!!
So today's picture is one of the quilts from last month's quilt club:

Have a Fun day with your projects---til tomorrow--Just hard working--Di


  1. Hi Di, thanks for keeping me in stitches (sorry, couldn't help it :) Have a great day.

  2. Di, you are such a bad girl! But I have a feeling the stitching was a lot more fun than cleaning out a closet! LOL. Hope your day continues to be fun. ;)