Saturday, May 23, 2009


I am so "happy" I got to spend some unhurried time in my sewing room and some stitching time in my rocking chair today--YES !!!!!!!! I was home alone for most of the day ( the slave-driver did pop in for a little while this afternoon and we both needed to go to the store and we found a friend to run us there--but then she went on back home. I got this stitchery center piece done:
This is the Christmas Mice pattern from Cinderberry's--I used mostly the new thread--Cosmo's on it----and here is one of my blocks all done for the "On The Heart" bom:
It is hard to tell the difference here in this picture--but his/hers tail feathers are in Black and the ivy leaves are a dark olive green--I did my blocks in scraps and did needle turn applique on them--I have the second one all done as well, but didn't get it's picture yet, and the third one I am stitching on now. I also got the top back from the Quilt shop of embroidery that I am doing, I just do the embroider for her and the blocks had to be sewed together with fabric, then there is another row of embroidery going around the center panel--they had forgotten one more outer row of fabric--sewed that on and got the fabric rows sewed on and traced so I can work on embroidering it.

It is fun to finally be able to move around this place and to be able to work and not have to move a lot of stuff--extra baskets, totes, boxed up things--we had sitting here and there while we rearranged the furniture etc. Be sure to read my other post--as this story continues there????

Have a great and safe holiday weekend you all-------Hugs, Di


  1. Lots of lovely work there!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Looks very nice, Di. You always get a lot done!
    And I like your new piece of furniture, too.
    Have a noce day!

  3. Your sewing is lovely and always a pleasure to look at. :)

  4. These are both great! I didn't get any done this weekend. We went camping in the mountains and just ran out of time packing and didn't get any stitching put together to take. It ended up raining a lot and I wouldn't have pulled it with the bad weather. But this week I am planning on getting a lot done!

    One of my goals is to learn how to do needle turn applique! I know who to ask for advice. :)