Monday, May 11, 2009

I have touched them all!!!

I do believe my "slave-driver" of a sister has had me touch every piece of fabric I owned--whether it was a couple yards or just a 2x2" piece from my scrap bin----and I can say--I am a much lighter fabric alcoholic than before we started this project and there is a good thing I now have Internet and can go shopping on it--I did not tell the slave-driver, Barb, that I ordered more fabric on line last night!!!!!! Actually the ones I ordered last night are possibilities for the living room--we will see when they get here?????

Anyway there has been no time to sew today, that was for sure--maybe tomorrow????
OH OH nearly for got to tell you--I did get my order from "Thimble Creek" in Concord, CA with my Cinderberry Stitches Pattern "Christmas Mice" and 8 of the 10 Comos colors in it that I ordered to try!!! This is the Christmas project that I choose to start in my April goals--which I need to get updated and put May's goals down ( May's are written out)!!
Don't forget to enjoy the "sites" of spring----Just, Di

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  1. Oh my! It sounds as if you are terribly busy cleaning and organizing. I really need to do that too. My plan is to spend the month of June getting some of those things done. Happy belated birthday. I was sick and out of commission all last week. Sorry I missed it and hope it was a great one. :)