Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mail Call!!!

I got two of my orders in today's mail--The first one was from "Carriage House Quilt Shop", It contained two pieces of fabrics for an applique project that I am looking for--the gold one is going to work--but the pink one is too peachy for me,plus I got two (more) patterns with that order--I will be ordering from them again--they had the order wrapped in pretty tissue paper with a neat gold label on it and they were very fast in getting it to me.

The second order was for more of the new Cosmo's thread--which YOU know I have said I JUST LOVE using--got 35 colors and a new pattern--again the order was sent very quickly--but nothing fancy--even though I paid a good deal in shipping cost for this and the envelope postage only stated that it cost under $2.00 to send it--this is the second time I have ordered from them--both times I do not get an invoice with my order--maybe this is my fault--maybe I am suppose to print the computer one off????? Soooooooooooooooo----Unfortunately there is only a couple quilt shops carrying the Cosmo"s thread right now and the other one I found doesn't have online ordering??? But my local shop might be carrying it soon--Let's HOPE!!!!

Well, here's a little picture of some color;
Have a great sunny day tomorrow and may everyone have a safe Holiday week-end--Di

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  1. Good morning Di! Hope the chemical smell has cleared from your apartment. I think I am on the upturn with my meds. It is a regimen for a month and I am now 3/4 done and am beginning to taper off. Another week and I will be back to my old self.

    I did get the bag cut out, realized I had bought the wrong interfacing and headed to the local store for that and the thread. No sewing today though, I am house cleaning and then hubby and I are off to the mountains for the long weekend.

    I am going to put together some hand embroidery to take with me for the car ride and down time.

    Have a good weekend. :)