Thursday, May 7, 2009

No time today????

Oh Dear--there has really been no time to do any stitching today and I have soooo many projects that I want to do--a few of my regular BOM are ready for May and I want to do them and then there is the couple new ones I have found on the Internet and want to do--but--my "slave-driver" is coming every day and putting me to work on moving furniture and sorting things and then by the time she leaves it time for Blogging -- so what is a Quilter to do??????

But I guess if a Quilter Bee's house is not in order--she would not be able to do as neat as a job as she should--RIGHT?????

"She" even is making me sort my fabric stash and get rid of some--she can be such a "meany"--but then I have decided that if my stash gets too low--there is always a fabric sale some where's---in fact next Friday, a girlfriend and I already have a date to go to a nice sale about an hour from here--can't wait--Oh, you say you just read that I purchased a lot of fabric only yesterday--well--I did --- but that fabric has been named for certain projects==this trip will be just so some fabric can follow me home!!!!!

See ya tomorrow--Happy Stitching---Laughs , Di

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  1. A good idea to get rid of stash you for some reason don't need - more room for the new stuff that you will call to you on your shopping trip. Enjoy!