Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Project is done!!

I did get the last Redwork block done and I did get them delivered to the Quilt Shop today and I did spend all my credit and then some????????
So now I have just one more project for the Shop, but this one will probably wait alittle, yet!!!
Today's fabrics where some for my bedroom that my sister and I are redoing, and I finally decided on the fabrics for the Breast of Friends blocks from the Homespun Magazine and I got the background fabric for the latest BOM I am doing--But my sister says I can't sew for awhile as we need to do the work on the bedroom first--sooooo--but hey--when I am ready to sew I have the fabrics to start with--RIGHT????
I also did some orders on the Internet last night. One was my Christmas one--and I also ordered 10 colors of the Cosmos thread everyone is talking about to do it in. Can't wait!! And one of the company's is out of AU and is for some wool plaids, etc. and another line of threads I have heard alot about--so we will see????????????????/////

I did have "two" good Birthday days--
Have a great Day yourself and see ya soon--have alot of pictures yet to show you!! WISHES, Di

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