Friday, May 8, 2009

Some Started!!!

I did stay up long enough to get 3 applique projects, fabrics, picked out, freezer paper patterns traced and cut and ironed on the fabrics and the background fabrics ready. Then this morning before my "slave-driver" showed up, I got the patterns marked around and I even got one started:
Here's the start of this month's A tisket A tasket--now to work on the butterfly and the flowers.
Here is some pictures of some of the fabrics from Wednesday's shopping spree:
I am thinking of using this line for my Breast of Friends blocks--I have been wanting to do a project for along time in blues and yellows and I have just done 3 quilts in pink and greens--so am ready for something different:
This group is going in to my bedroom--the large roses will be a cushion for the new rocker I got the pink homespun plaid will be a dust ruffle and valance for the window--the other are to play with and will probably be pillows for the bed:
I got my order from Treasured Threads today in the mail, and I got these 3 patterns of B. Hayes and can't wait to find time to start them--I wonder where they are on my list of "want to makes"???
And talking about B.Hayes--I was also able to get these back issues of the Homespun Magazines that has her Christmas Redwork patterns--Can't wait to read these!!
And they also had the next two issues of Homespun for this year, so-----I got lots and lots of enjoyable reading to do this week-end--Oh dear--forgot my "slave-driver" will be here again tomorrow---You should of seen us today--I got 4 plastic 5 drawer cabinets (clear) and 2 sets of 3 large drawer cabinets for my bedroom closet to sort and store all my fabrics--and then "she" had me sortin and bagging up fabrics that I would like to get rid of-----who is trying to kid---who really wants to ever get rid of fabric--even if some of it I have had since "day 1"?????????
But I did well and I did get rid of alot of older fabrics--(so now I can go shopping one day soon????)

Happy stitching---Hugs, Di

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  1. Lovely fabrics, Di.Look forward to seeing what you make with them. Looks like you had a smashing day out.