Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What was I thinking?????

Last night while reading my E-mails I ran across the Carriage house quilt shop one and they were offering 20% off your whole order--so I had to check it out--- of course!!!!! I am glad I did--or I hope I will be glad when the order gets here in a few days--I believe I have finally found the right Pink plaid, and yellow plaid for a project I plan to do SOMEDAY??????? Now this was, OK, but then in shopping around the site, what did I do??????I ordered not one, but two more Patterns--I ask you WHY and I ask myself a big WHY???? I already have so many to do and sooo many I want to do----so I say again WHY??? Hey I know WHY--I need to spend that money to keep a quilt shop in business and so I won't spend it in the grocery store---YEP that sounds like a good answer to me --- what do you think????
Have a fantastic day and gets lots of sewing or gardening done--My "slave-driver" will be here tomorrow with her whip--but I am in hopes that we are getting to the end of organizing and we can get to the fun part--decorating?????? Just, silly, Di

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  1. I have suddenly realised fabrics and patterns can become an addiction. I have more to do than time to do it in - but can I stop? Must soon get something DONE for May....
    Smiles from Anne-Lise