Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Where are the days, where I could quilt all day long?????? It seems most days lately if I get to quilt for an hour I am lucky and it's not even because I am doing outside work--it just seems as though I am on the "go" every day--going someplace, helping someone, cleaning(yet this apartment is messier than ever--I believe!!)--and ways you get the picture--the only thing that has not slowed down, I believe is finding projects I want to make and buying some fabric for those projects-----soooooo-------???????

I found another BOM that I am really crazy about:tozzscorner.blogspot.com--check her out!!
Saturday I did get to JoAnn's and we found some more beads to make the necklace handle on the
shell purse--Here's what I have collected so far:
And here is the purse--remember it??? And I even got all the beads sorted and in a nice organizer--now if the "necklace making fairy would just show up, this project would get finished"!!
While at JoAnn's I discovered that the button line, Simple Finding, was on for 1/2 price, so these packages of buttons jumped into my cart:
And these shaped buttons jumped in to--they didn't want to be left behind:
I love heart shaped and star shaped buttons and when I need them, I never seem to be able to find them--sooooooo!!!


Have a great day too-----Just, Di

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  1. Happy Birthday, Di! Hope you have a great day.
    Love the shaped buttons - I have trouble getting that sort here, but they are so cute and can give that extra "something".
    Birthday hugs,