Monday, May 25, 2009

YES!!! more finishes

I was able to get some more block of the month--blocks done today--after all it is nearly the 1st of June and we will be getting the new blocks-- so:
This a block for the Village Garden -- this one I am doing all in dots and stripe fabrics--thinking outside that "box":
This block is for my local quilt shop's block of month--it is 6 1/2" square-- and it took a couple tries before I got it right--it was one of those days where I kept picking up the pieces wrong and sewing them together wrong--but I am really good with that "seam ripper"!!!!
This is one from the Birdhouse BOM's--I just love birdhouses and applique so this one is fun:
And this is an applique row of strawberries for the Friendship garden BOM, it was fun too to do:
And this is Block 3 of "On My Heart" by Tozz that I just joined and I am happy to say I am caught up to date on the series.

I have two more BOM;s yet to do and there is 2 blocks to each of them--that's tomorrow's plan---but would you believe that I am considering doing the the Calander bom's by Elliesquiltsplace?????? I either really like to quilt or I am a bit on the "crazy" side--I still have Shabby Rose blocks to make (all 3) and the Breast of Friends Blocks yet to start????? And then there is some other in progress projects that need some work on before they decide to run away and join the Quilt Convent--or something!!!!!

Be a Stitching--keep your eyes on the goal and out of the quilt magazines!!!! Happy Day--Di

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  1. Wow, just lovely, Di! I am amazed at how much you manage to get done ... I am a quilting snail:))
    Enjoy another stitching day... Anne-Lise