Friday, June 12, 2009


I have finally gotten a little work done on some BOM'S and here what is done for block #6 :
The V.Veiws block is done;
And the Christmas wish is all done; and I have some of the Tisket-Tasket block done--so I am on a roll here?????

We went to a local book sale yesterday--the "We" is all three of us sisters--it is a yearly event for my family--that whom ever is in town go. I was very lucky this year and I found some neat quilting books:
The hardcover books like these are $2.00 each--the border one is a 2008 book!!!!!

And here is Mrs. Perkins in her newest home:
She really likes it here--says it has the feel of a real home!!!!

Well, it's Friday evening and another weekend is here--so ENJOY !!! Just, Di


  1. Oh, Di - I am confused! I did leave a Comment - maybe on your other blog. Why do you have two blogs, please?
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Your stitcheries are adorable! I started doing those but became too overwhelmed. I hope to pick them up again soon.

  3. I love making little quilts and when I saw your "new" books I am intrigued with the first book.
    Can you tell me how is it?
    Does it have a lot of nice little quilts in it?
    fun book to look thru?
    The borders book looks great too, always need inspiration for border ideas