Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I am going to be in the "dog house"

OH Boy--I bet little sister puts me in the dog-house one day soon?????? You see yesterday while at the quilt shop we decided on a blue and yellow plaid fabric for my living/dinningroom windows!! But tonight while doing some shopping on line I found a much prettier and dresser fabric on sale for $4.00 a yard that I believe will look much better???? (So now I have 3 yards of plaid to figure out what to do with--I am so glad that it is "legal" and "expected" that every quilter have a "stash"--or I would be in real trouble here!!!!!!!!!

Do you see the bumble bee sitting on the stone??? I felt like one to day -- buzzing here and there!! But I did get some work done too--so guess it was a good day.

Bee Happy and keep on "Buzzing" on those projects--see ya soon----HUGS--Di

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  1. You are a woman aftern my own heart. I can't be near fabric without buying just a little bit or may a lot! ;)