Sunday, June 7, 2009

I prepped today???/

I did get some work done today in the line of setting up the prep work for at least 4 projects, 3 are bom block #6 and I did finally decide on fabrics for the Shabby roses blocks and got the first 3 blocks ready to do applique and the embroidery on them--so I will be busy--if I get any time this week to work. MY sister and I have to finish my decorating before Friday, as after that she will be getting ready and moving into a new apartment--she will be moving in here at Jefferson Village--so she will be close by for me to keep on "eye" on her???? Or maybe it will be to keep an "eye" on me?????

I also finished a project--Mrs. Perkins is all done and she is quite the LADY--I do have a couple pictures to share tonight, but will take another one tomorrow, before it gets soo dark as she is more "colorful" than I believe these pictures show:
And as I said--she's a Lady:
See what I mean??????

She was alot of fun to do,--but I also remembered "why" I don't do much of this kind of craft anymore!!!!!! But I may have to break down and do a couple dolls or rabbit dolls for my new look--the only ones I can find for sale are too plain and mostly too primitive for me---SOOOOO!!!!!

You have until noon tomorrow to leave a comment on the blissful site for my 100th post--so hop over there and do it now?????

Have a good day--work on an ufo today--ok??? Smiles--Di

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  1. Your little Lady is just wonderful! A lovely surprise as I am about to go to bed!
    Nitey Nite to you both - hugs - lurline♥