Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A little --but--

I keep telling myself that every little bit of stitching or cutting of fabric is one step closer to getting a project done----AND---those few stitches each day means---that it was a good day, because I at least got to put those "few" stitches in and that is better than a day with "NO" stitches in--RIGHT???????????

Started the actual embroidery on the Shabby Roses blocks to day while doing laundry, and got a little bit more applique done on two projects, and the border fabric cut for the Tisket/Tasket block--but I mainly did those "other" things that pop up -- like the laundry and stuff.

Maybe tomorrow I will get something totally finished and take a picture for you all--in the mean time--may all your stitching go as planned

Just, Di a buzza along!!!!!

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