Sunday, August 2, 2009

July's finishes for 2009

I had a busy month in the sewing/quilting department and it felt good--I got all my regular bom's done--then I started collecting and stitching the Shabby Rose blocks and I did get them caught up to date--they are alot of fun to do!! Then I also joined two pattern bom clubs from the Internet and I did get the first block done for each of them---YES!!!!

I set a goal of 100 yo-yo's for the month of July to make while waiting for the computer to down load and ended up completing 200 of them ( yep, dial-ups' are slowwwww) but at least I put that time to good use!!

I FINALLY got two projects completed that had been on the "to do" list for months and that was the leaves and hearts appliqued on one quilt and the other cat quilt all hand quilted!!
And I attended one quilt class and learned how to paper-piece and then came home and finished it:
And I signed up to join two swaps--Angel 2009 one and Sig swap block one. Plus I decided to only do Christmas during August and asked others to join me--I have 12 signed up.

So I am off to bed so I can get an early start tomorrow on "something"?????
Hugs, just, Di

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