Thursday, November 26, 2009


OK Bloggers--we have less than a month to do all those "zillion" of projects on our "TO DO LIST"--WE COULD MORE LIKELY CALL AT LEAST HALF THE LIST--WISH I COULD GET DONE LIST??????
But maybe if we break it down into weekly goals--we will get more done???(Well it sounds good, anyways!!!!)

Here's my list til the end of month--or to be done by DEC 1st--

1. Finish hand quilting my Picnic Quilt (Schnibble challenge for Nov)DONE
2. Do all Christmas decorating--OPPS--SOME IS DONE

3. Get Christmas totes back up in the closet (so I can find my quilt room)DONE
4. Dress my Quiltingisblissful site for ChristmasDONE
5. Add some new Christmas music to that siteDONE
6. Straighten out my checking accounts--me thinks me goofed on Wed?????BETTER-BUT?

Whats on your list--besides eating leftover Turkey????

Hugs, Di

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  1. Hmmm, my list is long and treacherous!! LOl! I have a good start on it though...