Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It is another Wednesday---

OH Dear--it's another week again--let's see the only other thing I did get finished on last weeks list is:

The turkey placemats are all done and being used on my table--

I forgot I needed to add borders to the crow wall hanging before I can quilt it--and that is now done -- ready for basting--

this was NOT on the list--but over the week end I did do this redwork design and have started the second one in this series--

And my biggest "goal" this week it to finish the Picnic top by Schnibbles--five blocks are finished--11 more to go--but they are in different stages so are on their way!!!
ALSO on this weeks list is:
1. shop model for Sue
2. finish Schnibbles top----DONE
3. Baste Crow top--AND ALL FINISHED--DONE
4. Baste fall table top--AND ALL FINISHED--DONE
5. finish 2nd redwork project EVEN THE 3RD IS ALL--DONE
6. bake "something"???????????? OPPS--MISSED THIS ONE???????

Can I do it????  Only time will tell!!!!!!!

Hugs, Di

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  1. I love the Christmas pudding design, so adorable, you have been busy! Hugs, Catherine x