Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3th----


LEARN to say "NO"!!!!! We all try to do more than is "humanly" possible during this holiday season--we want to do it all--be all--have all--go to every function and party--and out do what we gave as gifts last year!!!!

Well--let's just take a seat--with a cup of tea or coffee and ask ourselves--what is it that you really enjoy doing this year for the holidays--maybe it's baking a zillion different kinds of cookies--or maybe you just love to wrap gifts up really pretty--or you love to make everyone homemade gifts--or you enjoy doing all kinds of activities with the kids and for the kids--maybe it has to do with your Church----

What ever you come up with--make that your "passion" this year and then say "NO" to some other activities so you can enjoy doing your passion--it might mean buying cookies from the bakery--have someone else wrap your gifts---what ever it takes--to free you up to enjoy your passion this holiday season!!!


My "passion" this year is to spend as much time as I can with a friend who is in the last stage of cancer---I will still do some other things--but if I only get to bake one batch of cookies that;s ok--and maybe the zillion things to quilt on my wish list won't get done--but that is ok---there is after the holidays--who says Christmas is only one day the 25th of December??????

Please take some breaks and listen to some Christmas music and enjoy a "cuppa" each and every day in December!

Hugs. Di

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