Thursday, January 7, 2010


I told you the wrong saying on the new little block I got here is it--

There's Snowplace Like Home---this is even cuter  than what I said yesterday--yet it means the same thing--and boy did I enjoy being home today--after having to go places for the last three days in a row--and I got some finished done in the sewing room today--some things that where cluttering up the cutting table--so I "tackled" them and I can say---I WON!!!!  You will need to go to the other site to see those projects--

Book report time---

and I even finished reading this book today---have you read it?????
It was a great book---just great down to earth reading---so I hope you will look for it and read it--it is based on true story--and that always makes a good read--I got this copy from my Library!!!

Well--i got lots of blog reading to do ---so need to go---
Hugs, Di & Co.


  1. Something I don't do is read. I want to - I just don't. That is something that I need to add to my list of slowing down! I may have to go and visit the library too.

  2. Have you read the Elm Creek Quilts books written by Chiaverini? They are wonderful. Have a great day.