Friday, February 26, 2010


I can't believe it --- but I did do all my quilt/sewing goals for this month---How cool is that???/
The two Tilda Lambs are made--here is "Mary" and "Larry"!!!  and oh what fun we had making them????  I will buy better grade of terry towels the next time(if there is a next time!!!) I wished you had been here yesterday when I was sewing the bodies--first--I actually used an ear piece for the face piece--Ah--guess what --that make them look like a chicken (beak) then I sewed one side of the face up side down--that does not work either!!!  finally got them both on and later was stuffing them--and the one tore out on me at the face line--so back to the sewing room they both went and they were "operated" on once again---success this time--yes!!!!

Then after I got them finished today--I still had 5 tisket blocks to bind and add trims--so---
they did get done and here is all "12" of my blocks all ready to go on my door each month--this was another real fun bom for 2009 that is FINISHED---

You want to hear something else that is funny????
I did not realize what OPAM actually meant???  I know we can all get excited sometimes---but in reading someone elses blog I realized it meant---
One Project A Month---
Not the 3-4 I have been listing to do!!!!!
But I also know that I have gotten things done that would of not gotten done had I not listed them--believe me---I would of put 3 things "off" till next month--or the next month!!!!

SO  Di -- you have two more days till the end of the month and all your projects and bom's are done--what ever are you going to do with your self??????

Have no fear---Tomorrow --Little sister and I are doing the Spring sew in---see ya there!!!



  1. Di,
    I love Mary and Larry! I have the Tilda books and I bought the terry, you have motivated me to get crackin' on my own lambs.
    Sew long,

  2. The lambs are sooo cute! That's the sort of thing I don't have the patience to do - with small fiddly bits. You are so clever, Di. Have a nice weekend. Hugs,

  3. Wow...they are sooo cute.... :o) Aint Tilda things so much fun to make....:o)

  4. What a great idea to make the basket blocks as individual mini quilts!!♥ They are beautiful! Love the lambs too.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog! ♥