Wednesday, February 17, 2010

IT'S WEDNESDAY---again!!!

I did get something done today that I was "suppose" to do about 2 weeks ago--or more---I needed to get a package out--actually a couple packages in the mail--so that was this mornings "job" when I got back from friend Mary's place---and here is a couple pictures to share of that adventure!!!!
My dinning room table--the work table--for everything--
and the dresser where I keep all my package supplies--do notice that not one drawer---but "three" drawers are open??????

But I did get two packages in the mail today---hurray for me!!!!

As for work today --- I did ----
get this Tisket/Tasket block all hand quilted--it was block #2--and the center was done--I just needed to finish it as I have, the other's into a small door hanging!!!
And I got the November block all appliqued today--now I need to find it a border!!!
I still have 2 that are ready for hand quilting---this top for a border and then to quilt, and one more August block to applique and then finish????
It is going to be  a "tight" race against time to see if I can get all of my Challenges, and the "to finish list" done by the end of February---I may have "bitten" off a little too much this time---it's really the months fault---it is too short--!!!!
Quilting is Blissful is having a Birthday party today---SO be sure to pop in over there---MY first blog site was the Blissful site--on Feb, 18th 2009 and this one I started on March 9th 2009---lots of great times on both sites!!!!
Hugs, Di
PS I do have all of the bom's done for this month--so that counts for something---but then I did find a couple more bom's I would like to do???????  Crazy!!!!!


  1. Okay, so I'm bad but now will be good.
    I haven't been following you over here as much but will regularly now so please don't hate me..too much.

    See - I behave given some incentive. And on your other blog you were passing out cake so I thought I best behave now.

  2. Di,
    I love your blog. It is sooo organized and all of your projects are just so gorgeous! Happy Birthday on your other blog...going to hop back over there and leave a comment!

  3. I still think your secret is that you NEVER SLEEP.. hahaha!!
    I am having a tired day today...hate those!!

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  5. Now we get to see a "normal" part of your house. We usually see all the nice decorations placed perfectly all around the house. Now your area is starting to look like mine :)

    I have no problem getting my swaps (or other things) done on time but it seems to take me forever to get it all packaged up and to the post office. I need a nice shipping area I think.