Thursday, February 18, 2010


I had to work out a "puzzle" on this month's Schnibbles----I read the directions and started cutting out the print blocks---only I could not get the "second" set of 1 3/4" by 1 3/4" blocks out---we cut 2 strips for the border and 2 3" squares--so I am "thinking'(here was really the problem--me thinking!!!!) that we where making 2 blocks out of the same fabric print---Little sister shows up--so I show it to her and we try one and again --can not get the second smaller set--so I get on the computer and am in the process of emailing someone who has already done the top--when little sister says--I found the answer here on the back of it---you are only making ONE block so you only need one set of the small squares---Guess what---that made a LOT of sense to me--in the end----
Then I am actually on the last block and am nearly done---WHEN---I find the one block that I thought I had put in the trash bin==because of this--
See the "flaw" in the fabric---ouch---BUT I was a good girl and I did redo this one corner block--
See NO flaw----
Block looks much much better now---
And here is the finished top part---now to decide what I want to do with the borders???
Can anyone tell me the name of the charm packs I used---might be a "surprise" in it if you guess right!!!!
The birthday party over on my other site is still in full "swing" so swing over and have a piece of cake and sign in for the drawings!!! 

See ya there     Hugs, Di


  1. I really like it! I probably looked at that charm pack today, but they are all starting to blend together in my brain. You are so speedy!

  2. Very nice, Di. Gosh, I wish I had your energy!

  3. My goodness, Di, your Schnibbles is looking mighty nice. Didn't this one go fast once you got the hang of it?

    Did you sleep?

  4. I love your schnibbles! Miss Jumps Scrapbag was a perfect choice for the charm packs! I love your taste in fabric! Hi five to you!

  5. Why I do believe that is charms from Miss Jumps Scrapbag by Linda Brannock. It looks great!:)

  6. That is so it..gosh you get lots done...hugs Khris