Thursday, March 18, 2010


I do believe that I am all caught up with this month's bom's--just finished March's Snowbound block this afternoon!!!  These are such cute "chilling" blocks to make!!!
At least this summer we will keep "cool" the days we stitch on them!!!!!

I do -- sorta have -- one more to do--if anyone is counting!!!!
This month's gifts of Grace---I just got the first one done and posted and she just gave us #2 a couple days ago--so I really do have a month to finish it---but being the "good" girl that I am--it is traced and ready to stitch--but I want to finish some Easter things first!!!

How are your Easter projects and decorating coming along?????



  1. Well, arent' you the ambitious one? I was tempted to do that Snowbound BOM, but I think I have too many projects started, so it'll have to wait. But, after seeing yours. . . .

  2. I don't do Easter decorations or sewing. I pretty much keep my sewing "fall themed" or Christmas themed, unless doing something specific for someone else.

    Yeap, call me creepy - but I just love Fall and Christmas colors year round.

    Oh, when the kids were little, I did Easter baskets and made Easter clothes - but never really decorated for Easter - per say.

    And there was never an Easter that my girls didn't have an Easter they still do these days?

  3. Well done Di finishing your BOM.

    Finished my GC bunny PJ bags and now just need to do one for a little friend.

  4. Wow Di! You sure are getting allot done! You are a sewing machine!