Monday, March 1, 2010


Can you believe it is another new month already!!!! 

I just got February's all done--when does a quilter get a break--you know a couple days of just doing nothing--just "putterin" around in the sewing room????

Ok Di--quit moanin and groanin--and let's get on with the program!!!!
     1. from Tilda book--sew some geese--
       2.From the Tilda book--make some fabric eggs--

And for the Charming Girls and Guys Club--
    1. FINISH  and quilt my Spring sew in quilt--
     2. And I need to do the next "3" of my Patches pattern--Spring set--

then we have all the Block of the Months to do and some new ones I have joined--like--
This started today--like the first block--(no it is not stitched yet!!!)
this has a new block every 1st and 3rd Mondays--
Then this is a cute one and is your own--don't send it out--you get a pattern for it 
2nd and 4th Mondays--SO--you know where you have to be on Mondays!!!!
And I am going to be doing this one--it is on the simplier side--some applique and some embroidery--I just have not decided on my back ground fabric yet!!!! (we know Di that sounds as good as an excuse as you can get!!!!)
But the best part of March--even with all the "juggling" of our projects is the fact that --
We can do the Easter Dance--as Easter also spells--Spring!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. What great projects Di! Now, if you get time in between projects, you should breath LOL! I can't wait to see your geese and eggs, especially! Happy Spring to You!

  2. I think you'll need more groceries...LOL