Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Like I said over on Quiltingisblissful site--Ann picked this quilt top up at a yard sale--and she is now hand quilting it--the top all came in one piece--and has been hand pieced--Ann did add the black pin dot border as she likes her quilts large--

Now here is the "funny" parts--you know we all have to do the quilter's 1/4 inch--and we have to measure each piece to just the right measurement--and even if we goof we will redo it--even if we have to run back to the quilt shop and get more fabric--plus all colors have to match--on and on we go!!!

Look here---here is a piece that the quilter added to a piece cause it was not wide enough---
Here she was short--so she added a tiny bit more to the piece (red one)
Here on the solid green block--she is too wide--so she just took a "tuck" in the fabric to make it fit---
Here she again added a small piece to the stripe piece and used two different checks to the one strip to make it long enough--
this was mainly her pattern block--the two outside ones were to match--then the next two --with one different down the center of the five blocks--and this is like a rail fence quilt style--
Here is a look at the outer border that she added--Ann thinks this was added at a later date that the rest of the quilt--and we know that alot of the fabrics used in the quilt was from clothing they had worn first--
Ann is quilting this one in the "ditch" as soooo many of the blocks are a different size--yet it is amazing how it all comes out correctly in the end!!!

The End---
Hugs, Di

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  1. What a fun quilt project!
    On my old family quilts there is also some of this and repairs too form 'other fabrics'..just makes them so much sweeter!