Monday, April 5, 2010


Guess I will start with April's goals---

1. goal--to do all bom's
2. Do jelly roll blocks 2x this month
3. Do round robin blocks--2x this month
4. Do Schnibbles--Tagalongs for April

5. OPAM goals for April--
 1st goal is to hand quilt --Sunday Best--Schnibbles for February
 2nd to make it a pillow --
    3rd is to do my Tilda project for the month--plan to make some birds this time!!!

  1st--make the next three Patch Abilities--summer set
  2nd to finish a hand piecing class I attended last year--got all the blocks done==just need to put them together now--
  3rd--make up my "New-new" quilt design using the Verna fabric line---

OKAY--another story--sorta--
Do any of you recognize this this quilt??????
It has to do with the "Elephant" story???
Well--It was just "cryin" yesterday--it was sooo tired of being in that quilt rack and me neglecting it--and it being Easter Sunday, I decided to rescue it---and I took it out!!!
It was sooo Happy---it had been in that rack for 13 months---and only 3 blocks got hand quilted in all that time---yesterday--I got "two" blocks more done!!!!!

Order came today from the Fatquarter shop with the Schnibbles pattern I needed of the Tagalong--and you know "Di" she had to buy some fabric--and I did get some much needed machine thread!!!  this is for my friend Ann tomorrow for her baby quilts she makes and donates---I just love it--sorta hate to part with it!!!!!!
and I just got a couple yard cuts of blues--actually the one is white with snowflakes--thought it had blue snowflakes on it--but!!!!  The  top blue one is a Verna fabric--the next one I thought that the blue paisley would be good for fussing cutting hexagons---in " which ever" year I get some time to do them??--the bottom blue is just a pretty blue for the stash!!!

Hi Joy--got these two panels all done and hand quilted for the Round Robin challenge--and my friend Joy designed this set--I just love them--even Little sister liked them!!!!!  I have decided to do the hand quilting as I go on this one as I think it is going to be quite large when done--today I got the larger part that we have already done--all basted to quilt--so we are moving right along--here!!!!

I realize that my "boat" is probably over loaded by now--but I just had to get out my Gardener's Journal blocks and work on them again--several of you are doing these blocks now and I had started them last winter my self--then they got "lost" in the crowd of so many other "projects"--but they have been found and one more is all stitched!!
I will show the others tomorrow--and I have more that are all traced out and just waiting------------

I have one baby hat done so far this month and got more blue yarn today and started one in that--And I got 3 of the bom's traced out to stitch---

Besides "eating" all the kids Easter candy!!!!!


  1. I really adore all your projects. I prepped out the first of my Gardner's Journal blocks. I don't know when I will stitch them but have the battle is over.

  2. The car fabric is so cute!

    Your stitchery looks usual :)

    The flower pot panels are spectacular! Sometimes the things that look so simple are just stunning. I love how the flowers are hearts :)

    I'm actually a hexagon fanatic. I have made several English paper pieced projects. I like hand sewing them. It's very relaxing. I've actually joined another quilt a-long. We will be learning how to sew a hexagon quilt with

    I've ordered my Schnibble but it hasn't made it here yet :( Looks like another easy one!

  3. Holy Cow Girl! What are you going to do in your spare time?? Very impressive list.

  4. Whew! So many goals - you go Girl!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. OK,I am worn out just reading about all of your goals. I am sure you will get them all done. I worked on Joy's vines today too.
    Don't forget to eat your Wheaties and dark chocolate. L,A-

  6. Lost my breath on this one, Di!
    Do you think I'd get more done if I planned more goals per month?

  7. Oh! My! What an abundance of beautiful projects. I can tell there is no boredom at your house.Love the flower pots! Happy Sewing!

  8. You are a machine Di. LOL I just cannot keep up with you.
    Hugz Maria

  9. I loooooove your vines!!! They look so pretty!!

    Enjoy your chocolate and so glad you got to see Mary again,