Thursday, May 20, 2010

OH MY------

What do you mean--it's been a "whole' month since I posted????
You must be wrong!!!!
I know I am on here every night "posting"---
OH---forgot--I need to post on THIS site once in while too--sorry!!!
SO what am I going to post about?????????

Let's see---
I still need to finish quilting this Schnibbles quilt--
This is from April---then  April's projects are all caught up --me hopes!!!
I still need to do for May--
  Bom;s for gifts of grace, fruits of the spirit, flirting with flowers
   and hand quilt the next row for the Round Robin--but on Monday another row will be on the internet along with another block for the Jelly roll challenge
AND--I have not even thought about which Schnibbles I want to do for this month--bad girl!!!
Soooooo----I need to get busy-------------

Let's talk about some of my favorite "things" for quilting---
One of them is these scissors---I just love them for my thread and embroidery threads--they are right beside me at my rocker at all times--they have serrated blades and are perfect for applique work too!!!

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  1. Hi Di, Glad o see you back here.My favorite new to me tool are called Spiral eye needles.They are made for easy threading Helps me BIG time with my annoying tremour. Would be great for anyone with arthritis and/or any one who has difficulty threading handsewing needles.