Tuesday, June 22, 2010


OK--- here's the "Plan"---

JULY--make a fall table mat--candle mat--
     or--finish a UFO that is Fall

AUGUST--make a fall table runner, place mats, table cloth--
      or --finish UFO that is Fall

SEPTEMBER--make a fall wall hanging--door hanging --or small quilt
      or --finish UFO that is Fall

SIMPLE---I have tried to keep it really simple and to "one" project a month--yet keep the projects a little different--this way you can have a variety of things to decorate with when Fall gets here!!!!!!

---So just sign up here if you would like to join me--I pretty much know what projects I am doing for the three months---
I will do a drawing at the end of each month with those who post what they made for Fall within that month--or finished---so if you can not do all three months--just join in with the months you can ---

1. post what project you plan to do by the 3rd of each month and let me know--
2.then post the finish by the last day of the month and let me know for the drawing--
3.and you need to be signed up by July 3rd to be in the "fall gang"!!!!!!


right--or do you see a problem here--(besides the time to add a Fall item to your already busy schedule!!!!!!??????)

Hugs, Di


  1. Okey Dokey--I'm in! I have 3 fall UFO's already and fabric for a whole bunch more. What's a little bit more insanity! L,A-

  2. I just have ONE fall thing to finish - the Natural Wonders quilt... I think that is all.. although I do recall a table runner... hmmm... better go look in my boxes....

  3. ok I am in.. have the projects just need to decide in which order to work on them...;-)
    So is this our button???? Cute!
    Do I need to steal it and put on my side bar??

  4. Ok You talked me in to it!! maybe I'll finish one fall UFO I've had for 3 years. Or maybe not I don't like he colours.
    Will be in touch soon
    hugs, Faye

  5. Ok I've decided to make a fall mat.I guess it will be for the table,as I haven't put mats under candles before.

  6. Is it too late for me to join in the fun?

  7. just love how organized you girls are..............
    cant wait to see finished articles......i will keep poping in to have a look see